Moyo faces the chop

via Moyo faces the chop – The Zimbabwean 17 June 2015

The leader of a new Zanu (PF) faction known as G40 (generation 40) Jonathan Moyo and his top ally Saviour Kasukuwere area about to be axed by their party President Robert Mugabe.

Sources in the Politiburo said the two were being accused of denouncing Mugabe’s wife Grace who is also the party’s secretary for the women’s league.

The sources said by his continued commenting in state media about the prosecution of former Vice President Joice Mujuru, Moyo – the Information Minister – was defying Mugabe’s directive to the state to stop the prosecution.

“The case was closed by the President who said it should not be further discussed in the media particularly by senior party members. Moyo is undermining the President,” said one source.

“What this means is that Moyo is pushing for the prosecution of Mujuru, which would embarrass Mugabe because it was noted that there was no evidence linking her with the allegations.”

“This is not the first time he has deliberately tried to destroy the first family. He is the one who was pushing Grace to burst during her campaign rallies last year so that people would see here emptiness, and the President was watching him,” he added.

Sources also said Zanu (PF) political commissar Saviour Kasuwere continued to talk with the ousted Mujuru camp. “Kasukuwere has strong links with Mujuru. He is working with her camp and the first family is aware of the meetings he is having with those people. Also their alliance with Jonathan Moyo in the new G40 which wants to topple other senior party members is also a threat the two are posing and one of them is very soon going to be sacrificed,” they said.


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