Mr President, the ship is sinking

via Mr President, the ship is sinking – DailyNews Live 28 August 2015

HARARE – With Zimbabwe’s economic ship facing certain Armageddon, amid signs of cluelessness on the part of the captain President Robert Mugabe, it’s high time the 91-year-old leader and his increasingly powerful but controversial wife, Grace faced up to the reality  that they have failed.

It is of paramount importance to mention Grace together with her aged husband because she has on several occasions now, including at a meeting in Zvimba yesterday, alluded that she is running the show and that her husband can’t stop her.

Mugabe’s State-of-the-Nation Address this week, which has been dismissed as a joke by most people in Zimbabwe except Zanu PF sycophants, worsened the mood of weary Zimbabweans most of whom are living from hand to mouth as a result of mismanagement of the economy and misrule by the current regime.

With most Zimbabweans living way below the poverty datum line, we find it strange that Mugabe believes that his State-of-the-Nation Address (Sona) would steer the economy from the abyss his government has taken us to in the 35 years Zanu PF has been in power.

In other more progressive nations around the world, Sonas are used to stimulate economies and to give people direction of where they will be going. But Mugabe typically blamed climate changes and declining international commodity prices for Zimbabwe’s poor economic performance, which is characterised by rising poverty levels and job losses.

Mugabe’s address came at a time when companies, including government-owned firms have fired more than 20 000 workers due to an economic meltdown that threatens to shut down all businesses. Companies are not at fault for this calamity — it is Mugabe and his government who are clueless in running the country but are masters of trampling on people human rights.

Zanu PF are masters at fighting for power and this has been occupying the party since they retained power in 2013 on the back of promises of creating two million jobs.

The way Mugabe and his cronies — made up of rabid and shameless bootlickers — have destroyed this country and made people’s lives miserable should be making the real liberators our country turn in their graves.

Josiah Magama Tongogara, Joshua Nkomo, Solomon Mujuru, Jason Ziyapapa Moyo, Herbert Chitepo and many others who helped liberate this country did not fight for these comic acts we are witnessing in today.

They sacrificed their lives to ensure majority rule and that Zimbabweans enjoyed prosperous lives free of the racist Smith regime. But they have been betrayed by a greedy young crop of Zanu PF politicians surrounding Mugabe and whose only mission is to enrich themselves. And Mugabe seems oblivious of all this and he does not even notice that the ship is sinking. God forbid.


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    Mugarbage sucks 7 years ago

    The ugly truth is that “racist Smith” was right.
    As with all other African tribes, the Shona and ndebele were not ready to assume power with all its temptations.
    Idi Amin, Mobutu, Bokassa, Obote and now Mugabe and Grace.
    I reckon Grace comes close to Idi Amin.

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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    It has said that when one is old they go back to being a child. In Mugabes case he has a rubber duck in his bath and steers it along with a quivering hand. The brain is in slow motion thus there is a lot of water splashing around so that he can steer the duck .This is how the late Kamuza Banda prior to meeting his maker. And Banda killed off his country in the same manner. Shame.