Muchinguri reveals plot against Mujuru

via Muchinguri reveals plot against Mujuru – DailyNews Live 11 October 2014 by Godfrey Mtimba

MASVINGO – Zanu PF Women’s league boss, Oppah Muchinguri on Thursday revealed the camp allegedly led by Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa had plotted the blocking of rival, Vice President Joice Mujuru in the succession race ahead of an elective congress in December.

Muchinguri, who has been escorting First Lady Grace Mugabe during her countrywide rallies, told thousands of Zanu PF supporters gathered at Mucheke Stadium that her faction mooted the idea of throwing the president’s wife in the political arena to prevent the Mujuru faction from becoming too powerful.

“Takaona kuti pane vamwe  vakamirira kuti vapinde pachigaro cha baba VaMugabe takavarova nemunyati, tikavatamba inonzi tingoringo tikati regai titore Queen mother, mai vauye vatungamirire vazotonga kuti vasazotora chigaro chikuru,” Muchinguri said.(We realised that there were some who wanted to take over from Mugabe but we plotted against them and decided to use our mother to come and take over because she is a worthy candidate).

Mnangagwa, Information minister Jonathan Moyo and Water minister Saviour Kasukuwere,  also attended the Mucheke rally.

The remarks give credence to speculation and theories that the coming in of Grace into politics was a Mnangagwa faction project to block Mujuru from her ascendency to power when Mugabe finally retires or is incapacitated.

A jubilant Muchinguri celebrated the success of the plot as Grace has seemingly derailed all of Mujuru’s ambitions to become the country’s next president.

“We had to do this because it was the same people who were undermining us and intimidating us to support their cause to replace baba VaMugabe (our father Mugabe) but we have put it to an end by the coming in of Amai,” she added.

Muchinguri received backing from Grace when the First Lady took over the podium where she threatened to influence her husband to fire members of the rival Mujuru faction from powerful posts in the party and government.

“You need to know that faction leaders were appointed and you must not take that advantage to pursue personal interests and divide people.

“There are a lot of people who are able and have the capacity to take those positions and be warned that you will be left alone,” Grace said.

The First Lady also revealed that she harbours ambitions to lead the country.

Mnangagwa also backed the plot jovially when he was called up to give a slogan on behalf of politburo members who were present.

He strongly repeated a slogan supporting Mugabe and his wife several times much to the chagrin of supporters.

“Pamberi nava Mugabe namai vacho pasi nemhandu,”(Forward with president Mugabe and his wife and down with enemies) said Mnangagwa without coming out clear as to who the enemy was.


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    revenger avenger 8 years ago

    Pasi zpf. Pamberi street action/mob justice

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    Who is Grace? Nyika iyi hasi chigaro choushe chinongosiiranwa pliz. Who is Munangagwa, Muchinguri kurwa hondo hazvirivi kuti nyika yayenyuka. Uyezve hamunakurwa mega kunanaChings Chingaira vakairwawo futi but havafambe vachiimba kuti takarwa takarwa.

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    Sonofngwazi 8 years ago


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    Chanisa 8 years ago

    Vanotinyadzisa mhani vanhu ava.

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    Chanisa 8 years ago

    How come we never see ZANUPF zealots in these comment columns? Do they exist at all?

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    We will get to 2018 and there will be nothing to show for the 5years ZPF will have been in power. This Party does not care about improving the lives of Zimbabweans. Right now they have veered so far away from persuing and fulfilling the promises they made at election time. They are still fighting for POWER and Positions. They campaign tirelessly for POWER.

    People stream from their dark no-electrified ,waterless dingy lodgings to sit in the dust exposed to the boiling heat and listening to power hungry selfish idiots plot against each other for more POWER.

    Scanning thru the pictures of the masses all you see are emaciated hungry looking crowds with crooked and rotting teeth ,clapping and waving bony fists while eyeing the buckets of maize lined up in front of the fat dignitaries sitting comfortably on sofas under the shade.

    Pathetic people deserve dictators.

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      What is currently taking place will be the downfall of the dictatorship. The Political landscape has changed in other countries and Zimbabwe will be no exception.I know we sound like scratched records when we keep on saying the same thing. There is something in the wind. Something is not right with Robert Mugabe. One would suspect some how he has been told that he will be unable to continue with all the duties he is used to. Anyone who thinks Mugabe is immortal is mistaken. He is human like everyone. He can dye his hair as much as he wants it will make no difference. Sooner or later the body refuses to take the punishment. Something is not right. As for Grace soon she will learn the folly of riding a Tiger.

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    Bruce 8 years ago

    Its sad that real man need to plot against a woman. The truth is not yet told. It will unfold and for that cause there will be a more thunderous win for Mujuru to take over. The real game plan is for Mujuru to go deeper and indentify who killed her husband. It could be the same people who felt that by killing Mujuru they would stop her from ascending into power. They failed in that plot, now they have raise Grace as a pawn, who do they want to take over from Mugabe. Mujuru be wary of these utterance.

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    muchaona henyu , mujuru will even emerge 10 times more powerful

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    tonyme 8 years ago

    The plot against Mujuru must have begun several years( months) ago. How Solomon died is just as murky as how politics is being played around his wife. Without Solomon Amai Mujuru would be easy to beat. Makes sense? Common sense dictates that the tragedy surrounding the death of Solomon was a well planned manipulation to dilute Joyce’s clout and power way before now. Who and why is the main question.