‘Mugabe acted unlawfully’

via ‘Mugabe acted unlawfully’ – DailyNews Live 20 February 2015

HARARE – Former Presidential Affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa, last night released a scathing statement regarding his purported expulsion from Zanu PF, accusing President Robert Mugabe of acting unlawfully and breaching the ruling party’s constitution.

The statement followed an earlier exclusive interview that Mutasa had granted the Daily News (see today’s lead story) in which he stated that Mugabe’s wife, Grace, was now in charge of Zanu PF.

In the statement last night, which he again defiantly signed as Zanu  PF’s legitimate secretary for administration, Mutasa said the  “purported meeting of the Zanu PF politburo”, that met on Wednesday and took a decision to expel him and his nephew Temba Mliswa from Zanu PF, was a sham.

He said the politburo had met and acted against him despite the fact that in the previous politburo meeting, a disciplinary committee chaired by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko had been appointed and set up to conduct proceedings against him.

“The purported expulsion, is null and void, and a serious breach of our party constitution and indeed the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“Article 10 of Zanu PF constitution establishes a national disciplinary committee chaired by the party national chairman which has the power of conducting disciplinary hearings, subject to the  principles of natural justice.

“The duty and responsibility to comply with principles of natural justice is set out in Section 65 of Article 10 of the Zanu PF’s constitution.

“In my case, no charges were ever laid against me, and the disciplinary committee never summoned me to any disciplinary hearing.

“Over and above this, this disciplinary committee, is improperly constituted anyway given that, the (disputed December 2014 congress and the First Secretary of the party unlawfully breached the party constitution by failing to elect the party national chairperson who is the only one who can chair such a meeting,” Mutasa thundered.

He also pointed out that the national disciplinary committee was a subcommittee of the party’s central committee and reported to the central committee, and the politburo was the secretariat to the  central committee and as such, had no powers to expel any individual.

“The politburo thus could not lawfully expel me or anyone for that  matter including comrade Temba Mliswa.

“Besides, as I have insisted, the congress itself was a sham and  therefore the politburo and central committee elected from the same are a sham,” Mutasa said.

He added that the events unfolding in Zanu PF were “unfortunate and illegal”.

“The fact is that the party has been hijacked by a group of persons not intent on respecting the party constitution and the national Constitution.

“I therefore remain the duly elected secretary for administration for Zanu PF and as I have advised before legal proceedings challenging the congress will be filed in due course,” Mutasa said.


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    Dende munhu 6 years ago

    VaMutasa, the whole government (including you) is wholly illegal, and for a long time!!! Stolen elections, murders and massacres, human rights violations etc etc! If the law were respected in Zimbabwe, you, Mutasa, would be in prison!

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      @ Dende Munhu: Well said countryman. Apa panezvikuitiwa naDydimus, tirikungovona mbavha dziri kuda kubayana dzichikurwira zvinhu zvadzakaba dziri pamwe chete. Unotonzwa kana kutovona rimwe zigororo richitovomba nekuvivita matemo, hanzi nhasi panofiwa ndinoda share yangu yakakwana. Kuntenge ririkurwira zvarakabudira ziya. Ndozviri kuitiwa naDydimus – anokangamwa kuti pavaiba hapana mutemo kana constitution yavaitevedza. Nhasi otinyangadza achitaura zvemitemo neconstitution – kutanga riini mbavha dzichishanda nemutemo kana kuconstitution. Ngaatibvirepo!

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    Msizeni silwelani 6 years ago

    It is surprising Mutasa and Gumbo are the only ones who have remained defiant to zanu pf from a cluster of disgruntled zanu pf members. The rest have resigned their political fate to their gods. Its a sham.

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    Expat 6 years ago

    This Mutasa and his grouping are just as crooked as the others, it just so happens the shoe is on the other foot!!! However as crooked as he may be, his argument is very valid and should be supported. He should be supported by every Zimbabwean as his experience of having been an insider he now is using that knowledge to expose everything that is wrong with the ruling party publicly. Make no mistake if the roles were reversed he would have remained ‘mum’ just like he has over the years since independence and whilst he was benefiting from their pillage.

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    Allan Jones 6 years ago

    Millions of Zimbabweans have made millions of valid arguments at law against ZANU over the last 35 years. Zanu, with the aid of Mutasa, have completely ignored all those outcries.

    Now, why does Mutasa think that ZANU will respect the law this time around? We look on in anticipation!!

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    GODOBORI 6 years ago

    Have you ever seen what happens when you throw a bone to dogs in impoverished situations? They fight to the end. The most vicious wins. The mauled limp and make all sorts of noises while leaking their wounds.

    This is it. The cake is no longer enough for every crook. They must fight and wasara wasara. The top dog gets all the fake gestures of love. “Happy Birthday Gushung-ho! Welcome home Amai, we love you”.

    A very modern state “led” by a (100-9)year old, which gushto to retire others 45years his juniors to go and “rima” and play with “vazukuru”! Duft duft population!

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    myzim 6 years ago

    Mese mazanu esp varume you are mugabe’s wives, cowards imbwa dzinopeta miswe dzaonaimwe nokudya.you can’t voice up mugabe achiita madiro. He takes zinc like is his toys to play with varume nemazisuits makangoti undundu.basa nderekudyiswa nekurarama nezvekuba nehumhondi.useless pieces of shut zim politicians.kana nyadzi hamuna same nabhobho wacho. Kuuraya Nyika yanga yakazara neuchi heyo mave kuitengesera machines nemarusians anofarirawo zvekudzvanyirira vanhu.You do not want to trade with good countries dzine democracy ne zero tolerance to corruption because you are thieves and very evil.Shame on you. Most zimbos work hard for themselves but you zanus want everything for free.mbwa dzevanhu.

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    chimusoro 6 years ago

    He does not follow the law. He makes the law. He is divine.

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    johnny b 6 years ago

    If a dog barks persistantly too loud it gets stoned whether it’s doing good or bad. He must be careful, another car accident is possible.

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    hazvinei 6 years ago

    he deserv dit sheet UDI GDI is edits the do TDD do RJ IDW is eh he