Mugabe needs help: Makoni

via Mugabe needs help: Makoni – DailyNews Live 5 June 2015

HARARE – Simba Makoni, the Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader has said President Robert Mugabe must accept that he needs help from other political leaders to find lasting solutions to Zimbabwe’s intractable economic and social problems.

Makoni, who blamed Mugabe and his cronies for creating current economic problems which the former Finance minister attributed to ill-thought decisions,  said it would be extremely difficult for Zanu PF on its own to solve problems it wrought in the first place.

“In very rare cases is a person who creates a problem able to come up with solutions to those problems,” Makoni said.

“Mugabe must accept that he needs help from other political leaders. He can keep his position as president and must not be constrained by the fear that accepting advice is a show of weakness, neither should he lose face for acknowledging his mistakes and seeking solutions  to remedy them from others,” Makoni told the Daily News on the sidelines of meetings to buttress his party election campaign in Makokoba.

Cooperation should involve leaders in politics, business and civil society as well as spiritual leaders prepared to work towards lifting Zimbabwe out of the socio-economic rut it finds itself stuck in.

Makoni said he still believes in the grand coalition which seeks to harness workable ideas from people of various political persuasion and preferences targeted at economic revival, given that Zimbabwe brags about a highly-educated populace.

Makoni attributed the inconclusive attempts to the “big man” syndrome.

“Zimbabweans think everyone can be a president. There is no dispute about the content of our intention but the ‘big man’ syndrome is a major setback to effective realisation of this goal,” Makoni said.

MKD is fielding Harry Peter Wilson, an engineering entrepreneur and businessman in a working class, crime-riven suburb of Makokoba where four families still share a single toilet 35 years after independence.

Wilson was born in Makokoba and has pledged to advocate for a better quality of life for residents most of whom are elderly pensioners.

“People have achieved magnificent things but for too long their strength has been undermined by the weakness of elitism,” he said. “We want to change that and make sure there are improves public services in what we could call a modern welfare state.”


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    we had a unity government for 5 years, but mugabe and zanu pf refused to embrace this opportunity for renewal and spent the entire period undermining the gnu.
    it seems unlikely that mugabe will have now learned sufficient humility in this past year to embrace advice since he never managed to learn humility in the preceding 90 years.

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    moyokumusha 7 years ago

    Sorry Simba, ZPF will not work with anyone else. They control all the security and are simply holding onto power to avoid prosecution for all the crimes and murders they have committed and they are not going to change until they all die. Unfortunately the abductions and murders continue and so we have a younger generation who will have to keep the older thugs in power so they can remain free agents e.g. the Dzamara issue.

    The solution is a total capitulation of power and a truth and reconciliation commission conducted by an external organisation such as the UN and for the masters who gave the orders to face justice. Those who give evidence should be offered an immunity from the death sentence. That is the only way we can go forward and form a new nation without fear and the hangover.
    Zimbabwe needs to set a precedent now for future Presidents.

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    tonyme 7 years ago

    Dr. Makoni is a very intelligent and caring educated Zimbabwean who has his best intentions for the country. Hope we rally behind him and his ideas. All else has failed and for 35 years we have given our confidence and to the detriment of our nation ZANU has clung to power. I fee we did not have political power, at least we had food, electricity, water and any other basic necessity in life. Sorry for all young people who have never tasted Zimbabwe at its best. There were better days. Unfortunately there were whites ruling. Now with our black leaders, there no end to the drama. People are fighting for their skins instead of working to move the country Dr. Makoni keep moving ahead. Hope you do great all the way.forward.

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      Dave Wood 7 years ago

      You say “unfortunately” the whites were ruling. Comrade, when the whites ruled there was law and order and food on the table for all. Unfortunately, on taking a close look at the entire African continent, you black folk have destroyed everything you’ve touched and are totally reliant on food and financial aid from the white folk. 30 years after Independence it shows that under white rule things certainly worked for “everyone” the only reason why South Africa is different is because there are 5 million white folk who live there. It took you clowns ten years from the time you started steeling the farms, to destroy our once productive economy. Today there are close on a million black Zimbabweans living in the UK! Why, because they know that white folk are hard working, reliable and won’t stab you in the back tomorrow and steel what it rightfully yours…like your own kind do to one another. Unfortunately we live in a politically correct world that needs to be told how useless you are at ruling your own kind, feeding your own kind, working for your own kind…and so the list goes on. Unfortunately, the truth always hurts!!!!

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    moyokumusha 7 years ago

    ‘Unfortunately there were whites ruling’

    Tonyme, we were treated a lot better in those days and had a good life with work, food and peace. We could move about freely without road blocks. We could demonstrate and have our say without fear of being abducted and disappearing. yes the police would tear gas and baton us but we were in a time of political demand not like today when we are meant to be in peace and harmony, we are now in more fear from our own.

    White rule days were better and there is no reason why we should not enjoy those days under a Zimbabwean government.

    We need to think of all as Zimbabweans, whites, black, coloured or indian and we will then move forward toward the good old days. We should all be free citizens of our nation and free to go about our business without fear.

    A thought for Dr Makoni, how much would the nation save on smaller police, army and CIO forces and how much would that benefit our hospitals or schools. That is where the good old days spent their money, in the well being of the citizens (and we had a war on too).

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      Nhlamini Moyo 7 years ago

      I totally agree with you Moyo. Life was far much better as compared to what we are witnessing today. The situation is deepening by every munite. Enough is enough

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    As one of those “Dreaded Whites” I am interested that when the country was run by us, it was in far better shape than today. Do blacks love to hate whites because they feel embarrased at their abject failure to run the country? I know Mugabe does; if you listen to him he doesn’t think blacks can think for themselves – every time a black person says or does anything sensible, he or she gets accused of being “A puppet of the dreaded whites”

    In the main black people are as able as white people, but blacks have not yet learned to reject failed, older “leaders” because of the “chief” syndrome. A person must EARN respect, respect cannot be demanded. And I think we all know that all our present “leaders” are crooks and total failures.

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    Fundani Moyo 7 years ago

    As ZAPU cadres we were told that we were fighting a repressive system which at that time was led by a white person, Ian Smith; as a result we did not believe we were fighting just to change a white rule to a black rule. That is why in ZAPU we had members who were white, Asian “Indian” and “coloureds”. That principle should still stand today, i.e. It’s not about the colour of the skin, it is about an oppressive/discriminatory system – a system that denies people their basic rights. Unfortunately we have this young born free generation which has been brain washed into believing that the struggle was fought against a particular race and just to live on thuggery and grabbing what one has not worked for.

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    Chidumbu 7 years ago

    Only thing Mugarbage needs weighs about 160 grains

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    Rwendo 7 years ago

    This from Makoni sounds like day-dreaming at best, or weird (twilight zone) at worst. In what parallel universe would Mugabe accept advice from people he has always ridiculed and/or sought to crush in our universe?

    Mugabe does not need help; he needs to go.

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    mandevu 7 years ago

    Mugabe doesn’t need any help, other than a helping hand to a grave. For goodness sake people stop talking like the political process can solve anything. It wont. Stop talking about it, stop thinking about it. Only a civil society led revolution can do want is needed for Zimbabwe.

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    Zuwarabuda Nyamhute 7 years ago

    Dave Wood, you do have a point, but do you have to lump all black people together, in condemning the crimes and mismanagement carried out by a few black men in power (usually backed by foreign white powers)? Similarly, do we need to condemn all white people for the brutal violence and racism committed against black people by some few cruel men hundreds of years ago? Definitely not because that’s racism. Condemn the people (in the case of Zimbabwe, Mugabe and his henchmen (black and white) who have pillaged and destroyed their countries, and are vigorously persecuting and enslaving their fellow human beings.