Mugabe off to New York for UN assembly

via Mugabe off to New York for UN assembly 21/09/2014

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe flew out to New York Saturday where he was set to join world leaders for the 69th session of the UN General Assembly.

State television reported that Mugabe arrived in New York Sunday where he was met at the J.F.K airport by Zimbabwe’s permanent representative to the United Nations and his embassy staff.

“The President is expected to attend the climate summit on Tuesday and the General Assembly will open on Wednesday,” said the ZBC-TV.

“President Mugabe is expected to address the Assembly in his capacity as head of state, Sadc chairperson and incoming African Union chairperson.”

Bolstered by his recent assumption of the SADC chair, the Zimbabwean ruler is expected to be in his defiant mood when he takes to the podium to address the summit.

Mugabe has, during past summits, never missed an opportunity to bash his former western allies for imposing sanctions on his government and alleged double standards.

The veteran leader has often demanded the reforming of the UN Security Council which he claims was operating under heavy influence from world powers such as the United States.

In last year’s address Mugabe said the Security Council remained largely unrepresentative and should be re-constituted.

He is adamant the UN organ was masking western attempts to recolonise less powerful countries especially those on the African continent to plunder their natural resources.

“For how long should Africa continue to be denied the right to play a pivotal role in the United Nations Security Council as it decides measures on conflicts within its own borders?

“Indeed, recent events have revealed that its formal decisions have provided camouflage to neo-imperialist forces of aggression seeking to militarily intervene in smaller countries in order to effect regime change and acquire complete control of their wealth,” Mugabe said then.

The outspoken leader is likely take up issues with the UN for allowing the bombardment of Palestine by Israel, a sentiment he passionately expressed when he took over the SADC chairmanship.

In addition, he is also certain to call for the removal of US sanctions which he blames for his country’s economic collapse.

The US added Mugabe to its gallery of rogue leaders, accusing him brutalising on political opponents, poll theft and running down a once thriving economy.

The 90-year-old leader, who is on a 2001 US travel embargo, was a conspicuous absentee when President Barack Obama hosted African leaders during the recent US-Africa summit.

But the sanctions do not prevent him from travelling to America on UN business.


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    DOCTOR Grace, on HIS arm, can shop until she drops. Best she put her money to good use and buy herself another PhD while she’s there, or pay some intelligent American to write another one for her

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    Swagman 8 years ago

    Can’t the Authorities arrest him
    for sins against Humanity, and
    escort him to The Hague.

    He can then address the Assembled
    Judges, regarding Gukaruhundu and MDC

    They should strip dis-Grace of of
    her adornments and place her in a cell,
    as an accomplice!

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      tapiwa 8 years ago

      Unfortunately they cannot arrest him as UN grounds are considered diplomatic. I am not sure about whether if decided to go shopping if someone could arrest him but then maybe he could also claim diplomatic immunity. Im sure someone out there knows more about this than me

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      Shbkyn 8 years ago

      They never arrested Cecil Rhodes, or Ian Smith and the rest of the invaders, and killers of Zimbabwean people.

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    MlimoPhd 8 years ago

    This is the architect of modern day terrorism should be locked up.

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    Shenanigans 8 years ago

    Hopefully the western news broadcasters will flip the switch of his microphone to OFF as they did once before and let him address himself.

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    nyoni 8 years ago

    He can be arrested at the airport given that he is a persona non gratia in the US. He must travel to the UN building from the airport. Unfortunately all these organisations have guts whatsover to do the right thing and that is arrest him at the airport. What happened to the Chilean Pinoche and the others. Blatant waste of time this UN is.

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    nyoni 8 years ago

    I mean to no guts . Upset with these two faced bodies playing games with other peoples lives. If this is the way it keeps them all in a job then please disband the UN and others because we all can see behind the charade now.

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    he can sleep at home, why go there???

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    Another pathetic hate filled spiteful speech! He must be green with envy at the dreaded west. he can’t wait to get in there. Must be a hang of a comparison to Harare’s derelict infrastructure.

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    farai 8 years ago

    I wish the president could switch to his charm offensive. That would confuse his distractors.

    Trying to appeal to the West on grounds of legality, Morality and Principles is a waste of effort. Given these guys shag their sheep and dogs and the males shag each other. We obviously have different standards of legality, principles and morality.

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    Marimba 8 years ago

    Does this stupid old fart think anyone gives a toss what he has to say? Does he not know yet that he’s the butt of so many jokes in the diplomatic community?