Mugabe out of touch: Chamisa

via Mugabe out of touch: Chamisa – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 24, 2014 by Everson Mushava

KUWADZANA East MP Nelson Chamisa yesterday accused President Robert Mugabe of losing touch with the country’s dire economic situation and quizzed Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa why the Zanu PF leader uttered statements contradicting the reality on the ground.

Mugabe on Sunday told delegates at the 2014 President’s Medal Shoot Competition prize-giving ceremony in Harare that the economy was on a recovery path, courtesy of interventions by his government.

“When the President said the economy was recovering, I just want to know what is it that he is seeing that we are not seeing?” Chamisa asked. “Maybe as government ministers, you live in your own world that we are not living in.”

But Chinamasa accused Chamisa of being ill-informed about developments in the country.

He claimed that the country had realised reasonable economic growth in recent times.

Chinamasa said he would not disclose all the measures the Zanu PF government had employed to revive the economy as it would result in counter-action from countries that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“I am shocked when people like Chamisa do not understand what is happening in the country,” he said.

The Zanu PF minister said Mugabe made the remarks on sound footing because he was aware of all the developments in the country through his regular interaction with Cabinet ministers.

He, however, admitted that industry had “virtually collapsed, but would for sure resurrect in the near future”.

Zimbabwe is currently facing a serious economic meltdown fuelled by severe liquidity challenges.

Companies are closing down and government is struggling to pay its workers.

Economists and Mugabe’s political enemies have accused the government of being clueless and is failing to fix the free-falling economy.

Mabvuku-Tafara MP James Maridadi also quizzed Transport minister Obert Mpofu on his appointment of Goodwill Masimirembwa as the new board chairman for the Central Mechanical Equipment Department after previously appointing him to head several other parastatals in other ministries the Umguza MP has headed.

Mpofu said he had no apology to make over Masimirembwa’s appointments.


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    Its a well known fact Mugabe is out of touch. It has been said again and again.Chamisa isnt making any milage by regurgitating this fact. What is Chamisa and his PARTY doing to ensure Mugabe is consigned to the books of history is what I want to know.

    They spend so much time mud slinging and peddling infidelity scum about each other in the hope that this will bring someone down at the polls. Well I got news for you Chamisa. Your Party Chamisa is still to make in roads into the rural areas where you lose time and time again. If you don’t change tactics you will soon be as irrelevant as Robert Oldman Mugabe.
    Go home and think something else

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    On the other hand Chinamasa must think all Zimbabweans are as stupid as he is about the economy. What could ZPF be secretly doing to revive the economy? Thi shogwash about protecting theur plans from unseen enemies is a load of boll which only makes sense to senseless, brainless ZPF supporters. Truth is he has no clue what he is doing. He has no plan at all and is just as deluded as RGM thinking things will turn around miraculously.
    Time to own up and say “I FAILED”

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    the mdc must set up teams to create countermeasures against election fraud ,political violence against its supporters and most of all to implicate reforms .

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    Tjingababili 6 years ago


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    The mdc said they know what to do if Mugabe steals the elections,then mugabe stole them what did mdc do to avert that stealing?

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    Mandevu 6 years ago

    Nice try Chinamasa

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    kutongwa nonjazi 6 years ago

    The time to talk about a VOTERS ROLL IS NOW…..IS NOW, 2016 IT WILL BE TOO LATE

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    China mass is correct changes are only seen in the cabinet not to the man on the ground . These guys are full of lies

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    just saying 6 years ago

    One of the major problems in Zimbabwe is that Mugabe makes ridiculous statements & none of his ministers have the courage to say otherwise even though they know what he has said is not true. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the region when an ignorant 90 year old holds sway over the whole nation!! Sadly this is the same with many in the MDC-T party who think Tsvangirayi can do no wrong. These two are just men and as we know all men have weaknesses so when they fail we must speak out. We need to develop we completely new culture in the future when we elect a new president.

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    Seems to me that you want to expose Chinamasa’s lies but you dont want Chamisa to enjoy the privilege?

    I take your point though that the opposition should be concentrating on educating the public on ZANU’s evils.
    But maybe you do this rural constituency a disservice in assuming ignorance on its part.