Mugabe rule a criminal enterprise, Sibanda

via Mugabe rule a criminal enterprise, Sibanda – New Zimbabwe 19/04/2015

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is surrounded by people of criminal inclinations and the ruling party, Zanu PF, instead of revolutionaries, it is breeding counter-revolutionaries, says former war veterans boss, Jabulani Sibanda.

Sibanda was recently expelled from the ruling party and removed as the chairman of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association.

The firebrand politician angered the ruling party when he insinuated that Mugabe was attempting to stage a “bedroom or boardroom coup” by elevating his wife, Grace, to head the party’s Women’s League.

The maverick Sibanda was later charged with undermining the authority of the president.

“It is common knowledge that Mugabe is surrounded by criminals and wrong people. Zanu PF is supposed to be breeding revolutionaries but it looks like it is breeding counter-revolutionaries,” said Sibanda.

He was speaking at a public meeting in Bulawayo on Friday organised by Bulawayo Agenda to reflect on the country’s independence.

Sibanda also castigated his former party and the MDC formations for failing the people of Zimbabwe.

“I condemn the wrong things that have been done by Zanu PF. I have condemned the wrongs done by MDC-T. I am neither MDC nor Zanu PF. I am Jabulani Sibanda,” he said.

He also condemned what he said was the looting of state resources by Zanu PF leaders.

“We believe that our natural resources, not as Zanu PF, but as people of Zimbabwe, we extract them, we exploit them and build our roads and education system. But in Zanu PF there are people who have turned out to be ‘people’ when he is one; they loot the gold and other resources.

“This we oppose, this I stand against, not by splitting and running away from Zanu PF but by standing whether with leg irons or in handcuffs. I will stand up and say you are wrong, you give me an opportunity in a meeting I will stand up and say, this is wrong,” said Sibanda.

He added that corruption, which is rampant in the country, had its source in the Zanu PF government and trying to persecute lower level state officials was akin to treating the symptoms and not the real problem.

Sibanda said the solution to the country’s problems lay not in Zanu PF nor in the MDC but in the people of Zimbabwe themselves.


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    Fallenz 7 years ago

    Now, Mr Sibanda, explain why you did not so express yourself when you held your high and lofty position in the party you now denounce as thieves? Why did you not use your influence to support those who tried making changes? Why did you so vehemently support ZANU-PF to steal elections?

    It is suspected that your interest, just as other ZANU-PF mouth-pieces, is only in yourself. You can deny it; you can lie; you can offer excuses; you can “spin” the truth… but, you can not cover the bare facts of your past. The chickens do come home to roost… and they have “squatted” all over you, eh.

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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    What have we been saying for years? SIBANDA waking up now ? Give us another line you clown.

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    We have all always known that being a crook is mandatory for membership of ZPF.

    Here’s a challenge – can anyone name a non-corrupt member of Zanooo?