Mugabe still angry with father

via Mugabe still angry with father – DailyNews Live 16 August 2014 by Bridget Mananavire

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe on Wednesday once again expressed bitterness at the way his father abandoned him and his siblings to start a new family in Bulawayo.

Addressing delegates at the sixth national Women’s League conference, Mugabe said all his life, he was known as Bona’s (his mother) son as his father played no part in raising him.

Baba vakaenda kuBulawayo kwainakidza, ndichigara nambuya, ndaitochera mvura kutsime nekuti vana Sabina vakanga varivadiki. (My father went to Bulawayo to have fun and I ended up being raised by my grandmother. I used to do daily kitchen chores because my sisters like Sabina were too young.)

Ndakakura ndichinzi mwana waBona asi zita rangu riri Robert Mugabe (I grew up being referred to as just Bona’s child but still maintained the name Robert Mugabe,” he said.

Mugabe bemoaned growing up in a divided family, saying different relatives raised his siblings separately.

It is not the first time Mugabe shared his bitter past. He did the same at the burial of his sister, Bridgette in January.

Mugabe said his father left the family in 1934 after the death of his eldest brother Michael and never communicated. He went on to start a new family in Bulawayo; a city the Zanu PF leader said was famous for fast life and beautiful women.

In earlier revelations, Zanu PF’s first secretary said he wrote a letter to his father expressing his unhappiness about how he had abandoned them.

The first day of the women’s conference was dominated by top Zanu PF officials indirectly taunting each other as factionalism continues to rock the party.

Vice President Joice Mujuru made it clear through song that there were some among the Zanu PF officials who had betrayed her.

She sang: “Party woye dairayi party woye, pakati penyu apa mumwe achandipandukira dairai (among you someone is going to betray me).”

Not to be outdone, outgoing Women’s league boss, Oppah Muchinguri came up with a highly controversial slogan saying “pasi nevanopisa varume, (to hell with those who burn their

Three years ago, Mujuru’s late husband Solomon’s remains were found at the family’s Beatrice farm house after an inferno.

Zanu PF chairman Simon Khaya Moyo also came up with a vernacular song with lyrics that say “we do not want sell-outs in the party.”

Mashonaland West province in their welcome gesture sang the “VaMugabe havasi vekurevera nhema (You can’t lie to Mugabe).

The Zanu PF women also told Mugabe that men were the ones who were creating divisions in the league.

Mugabe said people in his party must not allow themselves to be bribed for votes as witnessed during the youth conference.

He lashed out at power hungry party officials who were spending time looking for ways to get to the party’s top position instead of solving party and national problems.

Mugabe said the role of women in society was extraordinary, as they also suffered side by side with men during the liberation struggle.


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    Reverend 8 years ago

    Is this the hatred that drove you to murder 20,000 Ndebeles?

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    No wonder he dislikes Bulwayo!

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    wakamama 8 years ago

    mugabe learn to forgive and grow
    ndozvawakauraira nyika yedu izvozvo
    Mai vako vakasirwa huurai sahwaurikutiita isu

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    Petal 8 years ago

    OMGthe right thing to do when he was alive is find him and have a man to man talk OMG

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    his father was a goat ,,that’s how goblins are born.

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    Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born near the Kutama Jesuit Mission in the Zvimba District northwest of Salisbury in Southern Rhodesia to a Malawian father Gabriel Matibili and a Shona mother Bona, both Roman Catholic. He was the third of six children. He had two older brothers, Michael (1919–1934) and Raphael. Both his older brothers died when he was young, leaving Robert and his younger brother, Donato (1926–2007), and two younger sisters – Sabina and Bridgette.His father, a carpenter,abandoned the Mugabe family in 1934 after Michael died, in search of work in Bulawayo

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      Two things are important here – Mugabe’s father was a Malawian and his father went to Bulawayo to seek work – not to just have a good time – Robert twisting the story here so that we might feel sorry for him !

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      Mukanya 8 years ago

      How did he become a Gushungo? This is tribal totem of a Shona grouping/clan predominately common in Zvimba district.Educate us more BG(Biggus dickus).

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    Do I feel sorry for old wrinkly ???


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    Nawana 8 years ago

    Mugabe must not forget that he like his father has a 60 year old daughter that he neglected. For how long will live the lie about his child that he had with his pupil at Hope Fountain in 1954

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      Petal 8 years ago

      !!!is the daughter stil alive someone should get a story from her??

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    Chanisa 8 years ago

    I want you guys to google “Fatherless kids”. The result you must read is probably the one at the top. Its an eye opener about the psychological development of children of single parents, especially single mothers… Back to Mugabe and his self-pity. My mother was referred to as Chanisa’s mother but my father was around. So what? I did the dishes, helping my sisters. So bloody what? That man is full of himself. He is bewildered by his own consciousness.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    No wonder why you dislikes Ndebele people. Learn to forgive Mr. Mugabe sir.

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    The mans hatred can be seen through his life, failed as a vet never fought the war, lived a life of luxury under the guise of being locked up (otherwise he would have died a long time ago and he would never have gotten his degrees) lied to the people of Zimbabwe sees them as his chattels and slaves (after all he is Malwaian) and gets away with it. his hatred of whites and Matabeli is indicated in his hate speaches. What a despicable man, what a shallow man who cannot forgive. The fact that he ahd to wash dishes and hated it is another clear indication of his Malwaian superiority attitude.

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    Straight Shooter 8 years ago

    Let him suffer. Its good he suffered – what a pleasure!!

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    that s his private family affairs we not intrested .