Mugabe stops in Singapore for medical attention

via Mugabe stops in Singapore for medical attention – The Zimbabwe Independent September 12, 2014

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe (90), stopped over in Singapore for a medical check-up on his way from a week-long China trip, the Zimbabwe Independent has learnt.

Top government sources said Mugabe took advantage of the China trip to go to Singapore where he was attended to by his doctors.

“Those travelling with the president had to wait for him for close to four hours in Singapore as he was undergoing his routine check-ups,” said a top government official.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba, confirmed the stop-over although he claimed it was to refuel.

“We went to Singapore for refuelling. You cannot fly from China to Zimbabwe without refuelling,” Charamba said.

Mugabe has been battling with complications associated with old age and has in the past flown to Singapore for cataract treatments.

His visits to the south-eastern Asian state have become more frequent over the last few years.

During his last trip in May this year, a United Kingdom broadcasting station, Channel 4, released a video showing Mugabe entering an expensive private hospital, Gleneagles Parkway Cancer Centre, which is well-known for offering state-of-the-art eye and cancer treatment facilities.

His wife Grace unsuccessfully tried to stop journalists from filming Mugabe’s entrance.

While pacing back and forth in the reception area, Grace could be heard saying: “You shouldn’t take photos! Why are you taking photos?”


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    Some figures for George to note down so he can lie better next time:
    Harare-Beijing: 6763Miles
    Harare-Singapore: 5116Miles
    Singapore-Beijing: 2778Miles

    i.e Mugabe visited a hospital in Singapore.

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    thomas 9 years ago

    ‘dont take photo, dont take photo’…lol

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    ntaba 9 years ago

    It is great that the doctors in Singapore can get some diamond money off this geriatric murderer! If he such a treasure to their society perhaps he should stay in Singapore!

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    forget the $24m given by the Chinese.Its gone

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    Zim is on auto-pilot. Botox Bob died a long time ago. A case of the Walking Dead!

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    Mixed Race 9 years ago

    Surely, refueling could have been done in Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka which is the direct flight route to Harare from Beijing instead of Singapore which is on a different and expensive route.It is true you needed refueling because the Harare-Beijing distance is just above the range of a Boeing 767 ER[extended range]200 plus one to two hours extra fuel for emergency deviation which Air Zimbabwe uses for long range routes.In future take time to check your facts with the captain of that presidential plane before you try to brainwash the nation.We are not stupid people as you wrongly think.

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    Petal 9 years ago

    Singapore must be the place where this thieving scumbag geriatric is hiding the loot