Mugabe throwing rocks at the White House

via Mugabe throwing rocks at the White House | The Zimbabwean 9 September 2014 by Jera

President Mugabe will make a rare trip to New York when he attends the UN summit of 23 September. After that ‘shame, shame, shame’ speech the entire nation is already cringing in anticipation of his next tactless outburst.

When he expected cash from China, all he received was monopoly money. If there was anybody with courage in Zanu (PF) this would be the time to strongly advise the President that he will benefit more from having allies rather than enemies. The West has recently made conciliatory gestures, indicating a willingness to reengage Mugabe. The President should put aside personal pride for the good of the nation. Nobody is expecting him to apologize or retract his past insults. All he needs to do, in order to mend relations, is just for once present an inoffensive address at the UN.

But with only a fortnight remaining before the UN summit, Mugabe has already begun to throw stones at the windows of the White House.

Mugabe was addressing traditional chiefs when he said, ‘it is your support which makes me – physically small as I am – feared by the likes of Obama… whenever we attended summits, they would always avoid me.’

Obama has at his disposal a fleet of drones, capable of obliterating his opponents without even sending a single soldier. America has a GDP of $16,8trillion – proper trillions, not to be confused with Gideon Gono’s trillion dollar bearer cheques. President Mugabe has obviously mistaken a cold-shoulder to mean fear.

Perhaps what outwardly looks like bravado – a drowning mouse tugging at the lion’s whiskers – is really a cry for help.


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    tapiwa 8 years ago

    When i was at school kumusha a bully akanga asingagone achiwana mazero out of 10 musi waizowan 3 out 10 the whole school would be informed how very intelligent this individual was.My point is Mugabe does one thing i.e. a great speech on the eve of independence back around 1980 and some people say he is a great leader,varume votomupfugamira , becomes a Sir etc when in reality those who were with him during the war know what he is a teacher with a ‘murderous mind’, now reality has settled in munhu uyu is not as bright as he made everyone believe or even as human more of a “Jekyll and Hyde” though the good is now gone and the evil has taken over

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      Tapiwa you sound as you have first hand knowledge. But you are right!

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    biend 8 years ago

    the man has nothing to contribute so he uses his allocated time attacking and rubbishing other Leaders,achieving nothing in the process,because he brings nothing to the table

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    Mugabe is one of the many leaders that when you meet up with him you basically forget that you maybe don’t like him till after he has left. These kind of individuals are capable of having your attention fixated as though by a spell.It is only when he has left the room you realize you have been in the presence of evil. You get some that are directly opposite and when they leave you realize that you were in the presence of greatness.They all have that gift. Some even went into the Ministry. Con men most of them.

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    Thabani 8 years ago

    So the above commentators want President Mugabe to not say anything about sanctions, right? If poverty or lack of money means selling my dignity to those with the money then they can very well keep it. I am richer with my dignity and nationality as a Zimbabwean and very poor morally if I will sell my birth right for a soup of lentils! President Mugabe is an international statesman par excellence and commands respect beyond these small minds commenting here. Those of us who are proud to be African and recognise the great leader we have in His Excellency RGM, please pay no attention to these hopeless detractors.

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    Isu-zvedu 8 years ago

    Can someone please inform us in advance the exact time he gets onto the floor-we want to hide during that time. Also please reporters, spare us the obvious vitriol that will come out of the evil tongue. We already know.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Uncle Robert you are avoided because you are odious and unpleasant. It is only your paid hangers on who can bear to be near you

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    There is a book called The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters, he simplifies the brain workings into three main sections,the human, the computer, the chimp.
    He then looks at our ancestor, the chimp and its behavioural pattern. Its is more survival oriented and will be ferocious when it perceives threat. There is no room for negotiations. Its instinct is heavily on reproduction for security. It must have obedient troops around to groom it and satisfy its ego.
    The human side is the Ubuntu part which knows the right and wrong and tries to abide by the laws. It is our negotiating side and tries to reach a non violent settlement.It normal refers complex issues to the computer. It is rational. Thinking before acting.
    He argues ,as humans we should be able to control our chimp.
    To round this off, some of us have more chimp than human and some (mother Teresa) have more human than chimp.
    In Zimbabwe we are very unfortunate in the fact that the ZANU leaders that we have more chimp brain. We must learn to identify more humane leaders. The chimp should be left in the military.We should get rid of this militant ZANU mafia.

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      Parangeta 8 years ago

      Mother Theresa was a fake – read this unbiased report.

      “At the time of her death, Mother Teresa
      had opened 517 missions welcoming the poor
      and sick in more than 100 countries.
      The missions have been described as
      “homes for the dying” by doctors visiting
      several of these establishments in Calcutta.

      Two-thirds of the people coming to these
      missions hoped to a find a doctor to treat them,
      while the other third lay dying without
      receiving appropriate care.
      The doctors observed a significant lack of hygiene,
      even unfit conditions, as well as a shortage of actual care,
      inadequate food, and no painkillers.
      The problem is not a lack of money –
      the Foundation created by Mother Teresa
      has raised hundreds of millions of dollars –
      but rather a particular conception of suffering and death:

      “There is something beautiful in seeing
      the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion.
      The world gains much from their suffering,
      ” was her reply to criticism, cites the
      journalist Christopher Hitchens.
      Nevertheless, when Mother Teresa required palliative care,
      she received it in a modern American hospital.”

      Don’t get fooled in by selfish, egomaniacs like her!

      Do your research, start out by watching
      Christopher Hitchens -probably the best debater
      the World has ever seen!

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    How many orphans will die as a result of millions being squirreled away on a trivial frivolous zpf junket ??? Yo evil will pay the price for sure

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      tapiwa 8 years ago

      You ask this question as a human being but maybe forgetting that these guys don’t think like human beings. To them if they 100 orphans can die for the ‘chefs’ to make a $1,000 dollars they won’t care (so for millions you can do the maths) and they won’t even loose sleep about it.

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    tapiwa 8 years ago

    how many times have you heard that the president had telephone conversation with say even the Chinese, or S.A. they don’t do that because they would rather waste money flying to China and other places whereas its normal to hear that even Putin had a telephone conversation with Obama or the German Chancellor partly its not because of the time factor , or because they cannot afford to fly there but rather because they want to save money. Now imagine this Mugabe flies to China with his group of hangons and takes out say 3million from the treasury and then the cost of flights, hotel bills, security and shopping Im sure a telephone call would achieve the same and cost much less even if it was say a million that would be a great saving.

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      God is watching!

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        Parangeta 8 years ago

        No He’s not NBS, he could give
        a flying f*#ck about Mugarbage
        or ZANU-PF’s Zimbabwe.

        He had more important things to do!
        Get real…..;

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    The Herald will be at pains to convince the gullible how Mugabe took charge of proceedings at the UN summit and how he put Obama in ‘his place’ and how every leader at the summit bowed to Grace -less and how Michelle Obama complimented her business acumen…blah blah blah etc etc…..

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    mark longhurst 8 years ago

    An arrest warrant has been issued for him immediately upon his arrival and he will be dported straight to the hague for his heinous crimes against Zimbabwe–take some of your Zanu goons with you, this will be your last international trip you murdering thief

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    anti zanu 8 years ago

    New York City please arrest that zanu plane upon arrival please..We never want to see those faces ever again

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    Justice 8 years ago

    Everyone will have their ear-phones turned to the music station so they don’t have to listen to the senile old racist fool spout further nothings!

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    It’s a good time for the world to stand up and arrest him for crimes against humanity and genocide. He has been the role model for all jihadis who follow him thinking they too can be a terrorist and steal countries and go on to become a untouchable leader. What is good for the everyday citizen is good for leaders including being locked up for murder. So when the UN cries foul over ISIS they should look at the role model -R Mugabe he is right there in your midst.

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    UNCLE Bob FOREVER 8 years ago

    Uncle bob will rule until he will put on pumpers encase something happens on the podium. The regime did not afford him the chance to put on pumpers when he was born so its his turn to rule until he put on pumpers.

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    I hope he will be confined to the court-yard of the UN-HQ because he is cancerous to peace-loving people of the outside world including Zimbos in diaspora.

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    Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo 8 years ago

    Haa Mugabe, a man with degrees in violence!

    Read the book ‘Dinner with Mugabe’ by Heidi Holland and you will understand.

    Cry Zimbabwe