Mugabe welcome to People First, Mutasa

via Mugabe welcome to People First, Mutasa – New Zimbabwe 17/04/2015

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s close lieutenant for decades and former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa has said the veteran leader is welcome to join the ‘People First’ rival group led by his former deputy.

Mutasa said it was now official that there is ‘Zanu PF 2014’ led by Mugabe and ‘Zanu People First’ led by ousted former vice president Joice Mujuru.

In an interview with Mutasa said Mugabe was still welcome to join the People First project, describing it as the only original party which has not been hijacked or infiltrated by the so-called mafikozolos.

“There were two factions and somebody misguidedly and persuaded to him (Mugabe) to follow one,” said Mutasa.

“But if the president now sees it possible to come to our faction he is very much welcome, we will regard him as our President.

“In fact he was elected President before 2014, so he is very much acceptable and we will accept him and lead our group.

“But other than that, we will stand alone and leave them to continue to destroy the liberation credentials of this country.”

Mutasa also said his group concedes that “they wronged the people of Zimbabwe in the past and they have repented”.

He gave an example the biblical journey to Damascus when Saul became Paul.

“Most Zimbabweans have read about Saul who was turned into Paul,” he said.

“We have seen the light. We would also want to say sorry to Zimbabweans that we erred. But for goodness sake, when something is wrong and needs correction you have to think about what you did in the past.

“Look at the present. Look at the economy of this country, the President went to South Africa to beg for economic support and that’s a shameful thing.”

Mutasa went on to say the time will come for Mugabe’s wife, Grace, to tell Zimbabweans why she was so angry with Mujuru.

The First Lady staged country-wide rallies disgracing Mujuru in a campaign that eventually culminated in the vice president’s ouster from the government and the ruling party.

“We don’t see anything wrong with Amai Mujuru and she has remained our leader,” said Mutasa.

“All that has been said (allegations) were by an angry woman (Grace Mugabe) and we don’t know what has angered her.

“And if you were to ask, the First Lady now what she was angry about then, she might tell you a lot of very interesting stories now.”


  • comment-avatar
    mandevu 7 years ago

    Zanu is still Zanu

  • comment-avatar
    pocoyo 7 years ago

    Didymas Mutasa pawangoti Mugabe is welcome to join your group wabva wabisa doubt matiri tose.Muri vamwe uye muri nyoka mose vanhu veZanu,hamuchinji.Noise yauri kuita kuda chigaro nekudya zvawakatorerwa.Nobody should feel sorry for you.Never equate yourself to Saul, you havent repented,you are still as evil as you were the day you left your mother’s womb.Form your party and see who votez for it!!!

  • comment-avatar
    wensil 7 years ago

    This obsession of Mugabe by these guys just shows that they really want to be in Zanu PF. Mugabe has been the sole architect of all the problems that beset Zimbabwe today. Any solution to these problems should cleary exclude him. So how can he be invited to any ‘new’ party and to lead when he has proved again and again that he is a failed clueless leader. Enough.