Mugabe’s posturing devoid of rationality

via Mugabe’s posturing devoid of rationality – The Zimbabwe Independent October 9, 2015

We enjoyed President Robert Mugabe’s posturing at the general assembly in New York.


He dressed down what he called “the self-appointed prefects of our time who were trying to impose alien value systems on the whole world”.

This included sanctions on Zimbabwe we are told.

In fact nobody took much notice of his appeals to lift sanctions. He rallied the world to invest in Africa, he claimed. But Africa has moved on and demagogues like Mugabe have been marginalised by the Sustainable Development Goals. Zimbabwe has lost its remaining audience with events in Cuba and Venezuela.

Is the Pope among those wanting to impose alien value systems, we should ask?

“Don’t be swayed,” Mugabe tells his youth. Indeed, but who is doing the swaying, corrupt party bosses or those closer to home?

When Zimbabweans dream of a strong opposition coalition to challenge Zanu PF’s continued hold on power, it seems the winds are blowing in a different direction.

Reports of MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai claiming there is an internal plot to unseat him and the party’s MP Nelson Chamisa’s response at a rally held in Kuwadzana on Sunday, leaves the country’s enslaved citizens wondering as to whether there is seriousness in fighting the political monster that has ruined Zimbabwe for so long.

Even if Tsvangirai denies this, so many offshoots from the MDC-T have been witnessed since 2005. However, little of sensible results have been recorded. The current crop of politicians appear to be dearly concerned about how to retain power — the real plague bedevilling Zanu PF, whose modus operandi they must differ with.

Does the nation need power struggles at the moment when there is no glitter of hope in terms of economic resuscitation? Come 2018, there will be so many useless parties not worth talking about participating in the elections.

The MDCs should reorganise or simply declare they are no longer in the driving seat to effect change of governance through the ballot.

Why should Tsvangirai and Chamisa be involved in political fights which they know will automatically derail the party’s endeavour to defeat Zanu PF.

Isn’t this a gift on a silver platter for Mugabe, his wife Grace and the clueless ruling regime that has managed to manipulate other opposition leaders to stay afloat all these years?

Military rule
Can we now be allowed to proclaim Zimbabwe is a de jure militarised one-party state?

When we thought the military would continue to unleash terror behind the scenes, Presidential Guard Commander Anselem Sanyatwe last week pulled the shots by declaring the army will ipso facto ensure Zanu PF will rule forever.

Without any qualms and hesitation he said: “Professionalism is over and many of you are wondering what is happening in the country. I do not want you to hear through grapevine or read in newspapers but the animal called Zanu PF shall rule forever. Forward with President Robert Mugabe! Down with Joice Mujuru.

With this type of mentality, the nation is headed for doom.

Instead of ensuring upholding the constitution and the law for the majority, top army officers, who are beneficiaries of Mugabe’s damaging patronage, are acting like commanders of a penniless rabble or rogue army. As World War 11 commander Erwin Rommel said; courage which goes against military expediency (in this case professionalism) is stupidity, or, if insisted upon by a commander, irresponsibility.

Zimbabwe’s military commanders have been very unprofessional and irresponsible in the way they have been dabbling in partisan politics and electoral affairs, especially after 2000. But what they fail to appreciate is that no army is more powerful than an idea — in this case the idea of change — whose time has come as Victor Hugo would say.

Boiling pot
Father of utilitarianism, Jeremy Bentham says: “The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation,” meaning suppression of people’s liberties will likely degenerate into anarchy.

The military was heavily involved in keeping intact Mugabe’s rule prior to June 27 2008 presidential run-off, in which Tsvangirai later refused to contest citing violence and brutality.

Is it the same para-military strategy that Sanyatwe is now unleashing on Mujuru? What these army commanders are failing to understand is that the real problem is not Mujuru or Tsvangirai but the economy. Well, they are just as clueless as their commander-in-chief.

The just appointed Indigenisation minister appears to be overzealous in his proposals, which he dreams can engineer an economic rebound.

Through National Indigenisation Economic and Empowerment Board, Patrick Zhuwao — obviously appointed on the basis of patronage not competence — is preaching vodoo economics.

Proposing to inhibit takeover of some sectors of the economy such as milk processing, among a host of others, will not help economic recovery.

Besides, he wants the country can raise US$93 million dollars through the empowerment levy on foreign-owned companies.

Where will that money go? It’s obvious this is just another rent-seeking proposal which must be resisted. Can indigenisation alone yield the fruits in the absence of significant foreign direct investment inflows?

Reading from a plethora of his proposals, it’s clear this country is going nowhere with such ignorance.

Zhuwao needs to understand that wasting time and energy talking about salons, barbershops, grain milling machines and kombis cannot be a serious policy input or strategy to help economic recovery. His ignorant posturing is childish and naive, but badly damaging to the economy.


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    Yes…bushcat u are right…Zimbabwean cowardice is astonishing.Zimbabwe needs a revolution…to remove these people from power…but on the shonas u are off..
    both zanu ndebele and shona benefited…moyo , skala , mpofu , jab sibanda these are not shonas but have caused times 100 the amount of pain and suffering
    it I’d that tribalistic tendency that maintains hate and division between shonas and ndebele