Mujuru charges political banter: Moyo

via Mujuru charges political banter: Moyo – The Zimbabwe Independent May 22, 2015

A SERIES of serious allegations levelled against ousted former Vice-President Joice Mujuru in the run-up to the Zanu PF December congress which was rocked by intense succession squabbles appear to have been fabricated as widely suspected following Information minister Jonathan Moyo’s admission that the accusation that there was a plot to kill President Robert Mugabe was “political banter.”

Elias Mambo

In an interview with the BBC’s HARDtalk programme broadcast this week Moyo dismissed the allegations as “political banter.”

BBC anchor Stephen Sackur put it to Moyo that there is instability in Zimbabwe five months after President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, accused Mujuru of plotting to kill Mugabe, a crime which attracts a life or death sentence.

Moyo then said “No, that is political banter…” Challenged that when you accuse a Vice-President of plotting to kill a President it cannot be banter, Moyo added:

“Well the fact of the matter is this is a statement coming from the run-up to our congress and it is a fact that there were quiet some serious allegations which were not created by the First Lady, but they were all over the place in the body politic. And it was very important to have a courageous person in the form of the First Lady to speak to that issue.”

In the run up to the December congress and upon her dramatic entry into mainstream politics Grace launched a scathing attack on Mujuru accusing her of all sorts of things and crimes ranging from corruption to plots to oust Mugabe “the (Laurent, assassinated DRC leader) Kabila way.”

In her “meet-the-people” rallies around the country, Grace attacked Mujuru saying she was inept, corrupt, an extortionist who owns 10% equities in many companies and has a diamond mine. She also accused her of intrigue to kill her.

However, five months after Mujuru was fired there have been no efforts to bring her to court to answer various charges of corruption and plots to assassinate Mugabe. Mujuru, however, this week refused to comment on Moyo’s interview, saying: “I watched Jonathan Moyo’s interview but I have no comment on the issue,” she said.

In February top government sources told the Zimbabwe Independent that Mujuru appeared safe from arrest and prosecution as Mugabe and top law enforcement agents balked at indicting her on corruption cases she was allegedly involved in during her long stay in government despite a complete docket.

After police completed the docket, Mugabe, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and law officers decided to shelve the case as they feared it would appear like they were pursuing a vindictive political agenda in the aftermath of a bitter succession battle last December in which she was ruthlessly crushed.

They were also afraid of turning Mujuru into a rallying point due to perceived or real political persecution.


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    Jona Amedza Hove 7 years ago

    We all know it without doubt that these were mere lies and the wickedness of the likes of guyo and mbama ye benzi. Manyepo ari pacheya.