Mujuru promises to repeal AIPPA, POSA

via Mujuru promises to repeal AIPPA, POSA – The Zimbabwean 9.9.2015

Former deputy president Joice Mujuru on Monday outlined her vision for a transformed Zimbabwe, giving a clear signal that she is ready to get back into politics as the leader of the People First movement.

She announced that since she made her last terse statement in June, “we have been hard at work” on the blueprint that represents “how we propose to translate our vision for a better Zimbabwe into reality”.

The policy entitled Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (BUILD) hinges on five clusters. “Zimbabwe belongs to all people who call it home, regardless of colour, creed, disability, gender, race or religious background. Together we can BUILD Zimbabwe into a modern democratic state, with a vibrant economy where every citizen is responsible for peace, freedom, democracy and can prosper.

“Zimbabwe is part of the global village. We shall ensure that our policies are informed by its sovereign interests viewed in the context of the current modern global geopolitical context,” reads the blueprint’s preamble.

Mujuru said her formation would organise, promote and support full stakeholder participation in order to rebuild the country. The group says it is composed of national democrats who are guided by the values of the liberation struggle, self-determination, self-dignity and self-pride expressed through the adoption of market-driven policies under a constitutional democracy where the state acts as facilitator and regulator.

The first cluster of the policy document deals with constitutionalism, underscoring the need to respect equality before the law, the supremacy of the people legal charter, the promotion of and respect for the separation of the judiciary, executive and legislature.

“We shall respect and restore the role of traditional leaders as prescribed by the Constitution. The civil service shall be apolitical, and we shall promote meritocracy and professionalism.  We shall encourage e-government throughout the service to achieve set targets by set timelines and curb corruption,” reads the document.

The movement will also promote accountability and transparency by giving the Auditor General more resources and authority to initiate or recommend criminal prosecution, review the State Procurement Act in line with international best practice and ensure that government’s role is to facilitate, promote, regulate a level and stable economic playing field.

The BUILD document prescribes the promotion of a free press and the repeal of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) while reviewing the licensing criteria and methodology under the Broadcasting Services Act and related legislation.


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    CAN’T any body see this is Mugabes succession plan going into action and everybody is falling for it hook line and sinker If (spill blood )or what ever her name is gets to be PRESIDENT we can all forget about the accountability of the previous government (THE LAND THE ATROCITIES THE MURDERS THE CORRUPTION EVERYTHING WILL BE FORGIVEN AND FORGOTTEN)and continue that is exactly what our present leader WANTS.Don’t be fooled SHE is a carbon copy and is trying to say the right things now( WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES YOU GULLIBLE FOOLS )

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    Bullsh*t. Pull the other one Mrs ‘Spill Blood’.

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    Can See Clearly 5 years ago

    I think it is very important that every Zimbabwean be very conscious of the fact that had the former VP not been victim to the political squabbles within the ruling party, she would still be part of the same corrupt and repressive regime whose policies she is now denouncing. At no point did she speak against AIPPA and POSA when she was part of the gravy train. This is truly a case of sour grapes which makes the former VP to appear as if she has now suddenly seen the light on the proverbial road to Damascus. She and her late husband (God rest his soul) amassed a lot of wealth over the years, thanks to the culture of entitlement and self servicing nature that is symptomatic of ALL of the ruling party leaders. The former VP will have to do more to convince the rest of Zimbabwe that she tried in vain to change this culture over the years but that the beast was just too big for her to tackle. From where I stand, she was happy with the system so long as she stood to benefit. Now that he tables have turned for her, she now wants to assume the position of our defender and saviour from this oppressive regime and its scotched earth policies. Sorry ma’am, I am not buying it.

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    its time we open our eyes and see.lets not allow these people to wast our time

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    She is a wolf (35 years) now she wants to be a sheep (NOT LIKELY) She is ZANU through and through WHEN and I don’t say IF she gets to be president We will still not have free and fair elections to get her OUT We will have the same politics with a different face DON’T be fooled AGAIN