National Convergence Platform date set

via National Convergence Platform date set – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 9, 2015

THE National Convergence Platform (NCP), which is expected to bring together all political parties and civic society groups to deliberate on key issues affecting the economy, is now set to be held on October 24.


The convergence is being co-ordinated by retired Anglican Bishop Sebastian Bakare.

In a statement yesterday, Bakare said the NCP stakeholders would meet with a view to coming out with a decision that would “extricate Zimbabwe” from its current situation.

“The convention, to be held in Harare on Saturday October 24, is expected to attract about 2 500 delegates, who will consist of representatives of political parties, trade unions, youths, students, women, business, churches, individuals, traders and non-governmental organisations, among other relevant organisations, that will be invited,” he said.

Bakare said thematic committees were expected to produce sectorial reports of proposed solutions, which would be tabled and discussed at the convention.

The convention will, according to Bakare, bring together the diverse opinions of all concerned Zimbabwean citizens regardless of political affiliation, religion, ethnicity, gender or age.

“[The NCP will] motivate and encourage the need for Zimbabweans to participate in addressing our socio-economic challenges as a matter of urgency and map the way forward with regard to how we can find solutions together as Zimbabweans,” the statement read.

Bakare said among its aims, the NPC sought to come up with an “agreement by all Zimbabweans on the urgency of extricating our nation from the current social and economic quagmire . . . establish a roadmap through specific resolutions on how to urgently address our problems and the establishment of a representative body that will be given the mandate to implement the resolutions taken at the convention.”

Over the past few months, the NCP has been beset by funding and organisational problems, but spokesperson Vince Musewe two weeks ago told NewsDay that these issues were in the past and all was now set for the convening of the indaba.

Early this year, Bakare was involved in a spat with MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai after the former Prime Minister announced that his party was working towards convening the NCP.

Tsvangirai was forced to retract his statements after he was roundly condemned for allegedly seeking to hijack the project, with Bakare reportedly calling the veteran trade unionist to air his displeasure at the announcement.


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    Lets be honest. Unless the NCP conveners are zanu pf agents then this is just another talkshop – or better still a good way of fundraising for personal gain. We all know, Zimbos are an “enterprising” lot. That’s why they continue shouting “Zviri kufaya” where all & sundry see doom.

    Question is: Can anyone really say Zim is where it is today becoz of general lack of good ideas to take the country forward? I wish the answer was yes, and then the so-called convention would make sense. Fact, is the opposite is very true. In fact, there is an avalanche of positive ideas on the table already – it is the zanu pf government that is incapable of both implementing and accepting anything good for the country.

    So, how is the talkshop going to address the real issue – which is zanu pf – especially as it seems to insinuate that even zanu pf (which is the problem) is invited? A problem being invited to solve itself; hee? Sounds absurd to me.

    Anyway, lets wait & see. But I have no hope for the proposed thing – whatever it is.

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    the NCP should focus initially on a single act — get Mugabe to step down.