New SA permits for Zimbabweans

via New SA permits for Zimbabweans | The Zimbabwean 13 August 2014 by Mxolisi Ncube

The South African government will next year roll out a new special dispensation permit for Zimbabweans living and working in that country.

The new permit, called the Zimbabwe Special Permit (ZSP), will be rolled out as the successor to the Zimbabwe Documentation Project.

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba said in his media briefing here on Tuesday morning that the new permit would only be reserved for DZP holders at the expiry of their current freely-processed work, business and study documents.

“The DZP programme will be brought to an end December 31, 2014 and a new programme called ZSP will be introduced in January 1, 2015, only for DZP holders,” said Gigaba.

“Applications for the new permit will start in October 2014 and an admission fee is to be introduced.”

He said applications for the new permits would be done in South Africa through the newly-established Visa Facilitation Centres across the country and unlike the DZP, valid for four years, the new permits would be valid for only three years.

ZSP permit holders wanting to stay after the end of their ZSP would have to return to Zimbabwe to reapply for a mainstream permit.

However, certain conditions that include proof of employment, a valid passport and clear criminal record have to be met for the new application.