Junior doctors start strike

via Newsflash : Junior doctors start strike October 27, 2014

Junior Doctors at one of Zimbabwe’s major health institutions, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, on Monday started their strike and vowed to press on until their demands for better working conditions are addressed.


When NewsDay visited Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals this morning, most of them were gathered outside the staff quarters.


They are demanding that their salaries be reviewed from the current $282 to a minimum of $1 200 per month excluding allowances. They are also demanding free accommodation at government-owned flats.

The medical practitioners also said the government must reinstate the facility where doctors can import vehicles duty-free.


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    anania hoko 7 years ago

    Salaries of Zimbabweans generally are very law compared to almost any another professional any where on the globe. The challenge being the home government. The cause is that Zimbabweans as a product are over supplied everywhere despite their skills level deemed very high as they inherited the very best British education system laid down by Smith and partners, though now being destryed by Mugabe. Unemployment is very high at home and abroad for Zimbabweans hence there is desperation for employment where ever they are they can not price their services due to over supply. However the case of doctors requires urgent attention. they help in saving life. Its important for the government and medical aid to address the situation. Solution ZANU PF governement mus resign and all of their ill gotten wealth handed over to people.