Parly wants one-stop Beitbridge Border Post

via Parly wants one-stop Beitbridge Border Post | The Herald October 6, 2015

Parliament wants Government to attend to infrastructure shortages urgently and beef up staff at Beitbridge Border Post to expedite the process for establishing a one-stop border post.

The parliamentary thematic committee on peace and security made the call after hearing oral evidence from border management officials recently, including those from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and the Department of Immigration.

The thematic committee members were in Beitbridge on a familiarisation tour recently.

Committee chairperson Senator Damian Diamond Mumvuri said the inadequacy in infrastructure at the port of entry was the major bottleneck towards the implementation of the one-stop border post. He said perennial staff shortages were also affecting the smooth flow of both people and cargo.

“We have come here as a team to assess the operations at the border post following numerous reports of delays in both the movement of people and cargo,” said Sen Mumvuri.

“From what we have seen so far, it is prudent for Government to upgrade the border post as a matter of urgency and accord it a befitting status as the busiest inland port in Sadc.

“We appreciate efforts being made by customs, immigration and security in ensuring a smooth flow of operations but these need to be capacitated, if we are to make headway as a country.”

Sen Mumvuri said the situation at the border post was increasing opportunities for corruption and unnecessary delays of cargo movement and tourist arrivals. Under the envisaged new order, travellers will be cleared once for passage into either Zimbabwe or South Africa.

At the moment, people travelling to South Africa queue for clearance on the Zimbabwean border and go through the same process to enter South Africa, and vice-versa.

The congestion and delays at the border post is reportedly costing $200 million in lost production, tourism traffic and revenue a year.

Border stakeholders told the committee that they were clearing an average of 14 000 travellers and 600 in-bound haulage trucks a day.

They also attributed the problems at the border post to staffing challenges and infrastructure which had become dilapidated due to wear and tear.


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    grabmore 7 years ago

    Every few months and for 25 years the Herald has been saying this but nothing happens because the corruption has become an extortion racquet which traps people when they are at their most desperate. Basically Beitbridge is an ambush. Beefing up staff there will actually make things worse!

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    mandevu 7 years ago

    too late, the world has passed you by

    • comment-avatar
      Njalo 7 years ago

      The two preceding comments are both correct.

      Review what happened in Ghana when Gerry Rawlings first appeared on the scene there AND THEN TAKE ACTION.
      History will say YOU SAVED ZIMBABWE.