Partying Bob adamant economy mending

via Partying Bob adamant economy mending 31 July 2014

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Thursday repeated claims the country’s ailing economy was destined for a miraculous recovery, insisting those dismissing his claims were less informed about what his government had up its sleeve.

The veteran leader invited scorn from critics when he told participants to shooting competition e in Harare two weeks ago the country’s shrinking economy was on the mend.

On Thursday he repeated the claims adding that his government was earmarked for a game-changing loan package from “friends” abroad.

Mugabe said the rescue package was pledged against the country’s abundant natural resources.

“Yes, people may say ah, the economy is not grinding but certainly, it just takes time to grind,” the veteran leader told party loyalists who attended a Zanu PF party at State House, organised to coincide with the emphatic July 31 poll victory posted by the party.

He continued: “And as long as you have your initiators in the right place and you know you are getting the resources, you know you are injecting those resources into the economy, the machine will in due course start to grind faster and faster, faster and faster until the rate of grinding is as we desire.

“So when we say there is a rise now in the economy, some may not understand it but those inside will understand from the preparations there are, the initiatives that have been taken and the resources that are flowing in albeit but gradually, well that’s economics.”

Mugabe was without his wife, Grace who he said was out attending a child’s school business in Dubai.

The Zanu PF leader delved into familiar territory and scolded his former coalition partners in the MDC for challenging his thumping but controversial victory in last year’s polls.

Mugabe further accused former industry minister and MDC faction leader Welshman Ncube for attempts to cling on to his government post when it was apparent he had nothing to show for grassroots support.

He said he felt relieved to break off from an uncomfortable unity arrangement with his rivals saying this restrained his party from exercising independent decisions.

“Takanga tasungwa nemakasho taitwa mbira dzakondo muna 2008; kwemakore mashanu tichizvamburudzwa pasi apa, kuumburudzwa tiripamwe chete nanaTsvangirai, nanaMutambara.

Even those who had failed in the past to have a single vote had come into government, vakutodeketao vava Welshman ‘ko unevanhu vangani? Vatanhatu; haumbosvika kana gumi. So
you can’t count up to 10, uchiri muGrade One,” Mugabe said to laughter from his guests.

Mugabe said his party’s two thirds rout of the opposition was so shocking that the enemy was left speechless.

“Nanhasi uno havasati vagona varikuti ‘ha, no hazvina kubuda zvakanaka, maelections haiwa, panechakaitikwa ipapo, they were rigged’. Ko akarigwa papi? There was no explanation.

“Give us an explanation; you can’t just say the elections were rigged without explaining what rigging there was; ‘ah, they were rigged chete’ (All they can say is that we rigged the elections without proffering the smallest explanation as to how they were rigged),” he said.

Mugabe further rebuked the MDC’s western sympathisers for blindly buying claims of rigging by the opposition.
He said he was astounded by his former coalition partners’ duplicity when, after they had sat down as a government to set the groundwork for the disputed polls, they turned around to bash the same process.”Zvimbwa sungata zvacho zwekuno ehe zvirikutaura, ‘tenzi wedu ndizvozvo, they were rigged’. Ah ko zvatambenge tichishanda tese nhai iweiwe, tikanyatsowirirana kuti maelections afamba zvakanaka hapana mheremhere yakaitika ‘they were rigged nekuti tenzi wangu arikuti they were rigged’,” said Mugabe who was in a jovial mood as he spoke for more than an hour.

Forming his guest list were about 250 top Zanu PF politicians who involved cabinet ministers, MPs, politburo and central committee members. A carefully selected list from business also formed the partying lot.

Sungura artist Sulumani Chimbetu, who recently released a track that eulogises Grace, provided entertainment during the bash.

Sulu had his own humorous moments with the veteran leader who teased the musician about his Batai Munhu hit, saying “nhasi ndini ndirikukubata”.


  • comment-avatar
    Expat 7 years ago

    What a Clown in the Circus of Zimbabwe. Why is Zimbabwe having to find funding in the first place? This country has everything it needs to be one of the most successful in the world except for Leadership!!

  • comment-avatar
    roving ambassador. 7 years ago

    You throw a party using looted funds and you think thats the sign that the economy is on the mend, go get your money back from Rotina the witch doctor. Shame on Zanu, expecting a 90 year old to run a modern economy.
    Its a disgrace.

  • comment-avatar

    Ok Bob, it’s all a secret huh? Just like the voters roll and how you became so fabulously wealthy on a government salary? Investors like transparency. If you’re not going to provide it then don’t hold your breath waiting for their money to come.

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 7 years ago

    Yup the old man cannot open his mouth these days without looking stupid

  • comment-avatar
    mugabeishasha 7 years ago

    Mugabe cannot be taken seriously by sobre minded people. To some of us, we are waiting for God to judge him. Pepole forget kuti ndoumwe wedu wadidya nzvirimombe achitamba tsoro. What do you expect, as long as mombe dzake dziriright no problem. After all he has nothing to lose. He is a Malawian who was propelled to fame by studpid Zim comrades. Aluta continua!!!!!!!!!!!! Grass is growing in all former fields, thats Mugabe way.

  • comment-avatar

    Its been 1 YEAR and he expects us to believe that he is hiding under his sleeve the magic wand that will restore the glory days ?? Who in their right mind is goint to say to their hungry jobless children…

    “Don’t worry son no food today ,we eat tomorrow when Old man Bob drops some gold dust from his stinking armpit tomorrow???”
    please be serious or just shut up

    Drink more wine and stop making a fool of the population

  • comment-avatar
    just saying 7 years ago

    Even if they got the money from China they don’t have the capability to revive the economy. I say China because they are the only country who would enter into an agreement with Mugabe who has no right to mortgage the future of our country.

  • comment-avatar
    feared by zanupf 7 years ago

    What ? 34 Yeats ” to grind ” ? Grace WS in Dubai putting stolen gold looted diamonds in a vault !!!! Boycott chimbetu in UK better still deny this political prostitute any EU us visa in future. A recent international poll of 1000 leading I ntenatonal fights found that mgabeland was ” the most badly run cuntry in the world ” even surpassing north Korea equatorial guinea Venezuela Somalia Angola DRC Guinea-Bissau Belarus Malawi central African republic Syria Iraq zumaland. What a shocking indictment

  • comment-avatar
    The Swagman 7 years ago

    Why do you all ‘bash’ this intellect,
    this Liberator, this man of vision, the
    Great Sword against Colonial Britain?

    Why, such disrespect for my beloved, albeit,
    secret lover and provider of an ‘illegitimate”


    Like Nkruma, Banda, Salasie, Idi Amin, Saddam, he
    is your life’s Ruler, you Protector, your Lord!

    F*#ck, Cameron, Obama, Mandela, Tsvangarai, Tutu,
    they know nothing of the Liberators struggle!

    Give me, Mugarbage, dis-Grace, Bons-non-fide and
    Robber2 Jnr, your Chiadzwa/Marange diamonds, your
    gold and platinum, your ivory and allow me to invest it.

    Invest in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumphar,
    not those fascist regimes like Great Britain, United States,
    Germany or France. Plus I need cataract check-ups monthly!
    (Or was that cancer, I forget).

    Just give me your poor, your suffering, your starving- and
    I will will pay them back with cholera, unemployment, hunger,
    genocide and murder, not bad for a non-aganerian.

    Please, my People, I pray you just give me this chance…….?
    Signed: Robber Gabber Mugarbage of Nyasaland (Malawi).

  • comment-avatar
    Zombi 7 years ago

    A father beats his chest, taking his family “muchashamisika, manje manje tichaseva nemukaka, varipo baba vemuraini vatoti vari kuuya kuzotikweretesa mari”

    Mugabe, nyarawo murume Mukora. Svoda. What leader brags about his cleverness at attracting loans and burdening his flock. I’m ashamed of you.

  • comment-avatar
    KIBBS 7 years ago

    “Mugabe said the rescue package was pledged against the country’s abundant natural resources”
    So now he is bequeathing our abundant natural resources to a country and people on the other side of the world! I think these resources rightfully belong to The Zimbabwean People NOT THE CHINESE or anybody else for that matter!
    Well done bob making sure we all continue to suffer – even long after your overdue passing. You selfish *****!!!!!