Police detain church leaders

via Police detain church leaders | The Zimbabwean 24 June 2014 by Mthulisi Mathuthu

Last Thursday police in Nyanga detained three church leaders after they attended a prayer meeting organized by the Christian based opposition party, Transform Zimbabwe.

Bishop Nerwande of Holy Cross Church in Mangongondoza Township, together with his associate pastors Mr and Mrs Makawamadze, were detained for four hours during which they were subjected to what the party said was ‘unwarranted interrogation.’

The three were quizzed on their relationship with Transform Zimbabwe and were released without any charge. The following day, the police and the CIO agents abducted party member Pauline Mutasa from her house at around 10pm.

A statement said Mutasa’s nine year old child was left alone as she was being held at the Nyanga Police Station where she spent the night without eating. Police did not give the reasons for the detention but Mutasa, a teacher at a local school, denies any wrong doing.

Transform Zimbabwe spokesperson Sungai Mazando confirmed the incidents saying there was an increase in the harassment of party members around the country. He said: ‘It has been a hectic past couple of weeks for us characterized by successful grassroots efforts ironically rewarded by abductions, harassment and interrogation in areas like Binga, Nyanyadzi, Chimanimani and in Nyanga.’

Mazando said their members were living in fear of further reprisals as the police routinely threaten that they will not stop their clamp down.

These developments come after Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume was abducted a fortnight ago from his hotel room by the CIO.

Transform Zimbabwe was formed in December 2013 following a convention of the 12,000 member Christian network group, Prayer Network Zimbabwe. At the time, Ngarivhume said the party would rally all Zimbabweans towards the country’s transformation in the area of politics.

He said the party would ‘focus on re-engagement with the Western countries, building an inclusive and competitive economy empowering Zimbabweans through access to education and health facilities.


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    publicprotector 10 years ago

    When will church leaders realize that church and politics do not mix.
    You go to church to pray to god not politicians!

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      KIBBS 10 years ago

      @publicprotector :- I guess that that is why mugnob dresses as a Mapostori and attends their gatherings when he wants their votes? Bearing in mind he is supposed to be Catholic. (Another Joke!)
      However, you have succeeded in giving me something to chuckle about again – please keep it up!!

    • comment-avatar
      Senzachena 10 years ago

      PP you really are a brain dead fool. Try to be a bit more subtle with regard to your efforts to “sanitise” ZANU PF. Actually if it was not so serious you would be a joke

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    Reverend 10 years ago

    Sadly Mr “publicprotector ” you have no idea.

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    Shamhu YeNhanzva 10 years ago

    Publicprotector your way of thinking is the exact opposite of your name. Church leaders or not, every Zimbabwean regardless of skin colour, creed, religious affiliation, has the right to endorse & support any party of their choice. The only reason ZANU is still in power is the illegal use of CIO, police & the military to intimidate people to vote for them. If that doesn’t work they staight up rig the elections. If they would stop promoting corruption & looting the country’s resources & actually effect policies that help people they wouldn’t have to go after religious leaders who pose a threat to their “power.”

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    Justice 10 years ago

    PP please change your moniker to ZANU apologist but I am with Kibbs you do make me laugh, even if it is with disbelief at your propaganda attempts.

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    The church should be a prophetic voice to the nation. ZPF is afraid of the truth. ZPF must keep oppressing and suppressing for the more they do that the quicker they will bring God’s judgment down on their heads. May the TRUTH prevail in Zimbabwe and ministers or no ministers of the gospel God will reveal. ZPF can arrest every single true man/woman of God but that will NOT stop the truth coming our for God is a God of truth

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    Brian 10 years ago

    I’ve been posting for years that Zanu-PF = corruption. To what effect? Morgan, despite his heroic survival of state-sanctioned physical beatings is looking ineffectual, riven by intra-party rivalries. RGM is off with Dorothy in la-la land. His adulterous wife counting down the days and his children wondering what’s going to be left after all the ZANU looting. Fear not children! Your father’s looting is in an island or two or ten awaiting your rapacious spending. RGM, what a legacy you have left them. The quintessential tin-pot dictator of Africa. RGM I will be by your bed when you die and I will whisper to you that your life has been an utter waste.

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    maita 10 years ago

    Where are you transform Zimbabwe. We are tired of Biti Tsvangirayi feud and we want a better force and you seem to be the right choice that si why they are persecuting you. Look NCA have no problems because they are a nonentity, Biti has no problem because project destory Tsvangirayi is working well for ZanuPF. So these MDc renwal buffoons have no solution for Zimbabwe because their focus is Morgan Tsvangirayi who is nowhere near a Zimbabwe solution. SO TZ ndizvo.

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    Marreece Dean 8 years ago

    As an American and foremost a Christian in life living! The partake of life is to live Christlike! When you ever read your bible (KJV) I enjoy this version… The Lord ascended to heaven on the mount transfiguration! Peter, James, and John were there as He transfigured to heaven! My bible says Jesus now sits at the right hand of the father! Now, if Jesus is at the right hand of the Father interceding for us, we have work to do! That let’s me know that we have work to do! If GOD is there, where you think the devil is? You are right! Roaming to and fro to whom he may devour! God says in His word that those who love this world is an enemy of his! We are not to love this world! In that, regardless how you are treaty— KINDNESS TURNS AWAY WRATH! VENGEANCE IS GOD! HE WILL REPAY the wrong done to his people!!! Yes sir, yes ma’am, learn what trials and tribulations are!! When you become an OVERCOMER–THANK GOD!!! Too, you bishops that works in this world, you are forgetting that GOD’S CHURCH is a FEMALE CHURCH!!! Means that it births believers, Christians, witnesses–A woman bear children, so we are children of GOD! Revelation chapter 12 tell us about HIS CHURCH BEING FEMALE! AND THE MALE IS THE HEAD–CHRIST!!! Genesis says male and female– Not like Romans chapter 1!! So Bishops, why are you ordaining women to be head of a female church? Ungodly!!! Homosexuality? Women leaders with a female church don’t birth CHRISTIANS, believers, witnesses!!!! WOMEN WITH WOMAN DON’T BEAR CHILDREN!!! Meaning, a female leader being ordained to run GOD’S CHURCH! NO SIR!!! You find a female that was a leader leading GOD’S CHURCH FROM EGYPT TO CANAAN! Don’t say Deborah-she was a prophetess-a judge! Not a leader! God used woman in the vineyard of the house of GOD! As well as men that were not leaders! During the time of JUDGESHIP in the bible–the time earmarked was that GOD’S people where not going any place being laid! IT WAS JUDGING TIME–AFRICA, VENGEANCE BELONGS TO GOD!!! HE WILL REPAY!!! PRAY AND ASK GOD FOR DELIVERANCE–THAT WHY HE IS GOD–HE LOVES WHEN WE GO TO HIM TO FIGHT OUR BATTLES–ASK JOB!!!