Pressure govt over 2,2 million jobs: Zhuwao

via Pressure govt over 2,2 million jobs: Zhuwao – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 16, 2015

Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment minister Patrick Zhuwao yesterday urged youths to pile pressure on government to act on the promised creation of 2,2 million jobs.


The Zanu PF government in its 2013 election manifesto promised to create 2,2 million jobs in five years.

But the country has instead since then witnessed massive job losses and company closures as the economy continues on a downward spiral.
Addressing journalists and other stakeholders at the Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC) offices in Harare, Zhuwao said he shared the same sentiments with those demanding the promised jobs.

“When President [Robert] Mugabe went out seeking election in 2013, he went out with a manifesto. The key components of that manifesto were taking back the economy, indigenise and empower, develop and create employment,” he said.

“I used to be very active on social media, but one thing that I noticed is that when discussions at a political level go to a certain stage, you will find opposition forces will now ask the question: Where are the 2,2 million jobs that you promised in the manifesto?”
Zhuwao added: “That question is a question that is critical to the young people and I wanted to think that I have taken on myself to be at the forefront of asking where are the 2,2 million jobs.”

He said once the issue of unemployment was addressed, then many other problems could easily be solved.

Zhuwao described youths a “pain” within the governance of a country which should prompt the Executive to act.

He said ZYC must act as a framework within which youths would demand action in a structured manner.

Zhuwao said ZYC should be visible and decentralised at all levels, starting from the district to the national level through boards so that it becomes more inclusive.

He also urged youths to venture into entrepreneurship as well creating a linkage between ZYC with different government departments.

ZYC said it was working towards reducing teenage pregnancies, making education more accessible and addressing issues of sexual reproductive health.


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    You cannot ask anyone, much less a political party to “create” jobs. Jobs are created by business, trade, industry, agriculture, mining, tourism. But ZPF attacks all these in order to rape them.

    Zimbabweans are indeed a very stupid nation!

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    IAN SMITH 7 years ago

    So far 35 years of stupidity have created an enormous amount of work i.e. JOBs YES JOBS, NOTHING BUT JOBS that need to be done watch some pre-1980 shows of the land now barren see the change in High definition.

    Huge tracts of Prime Lands to Farm use a Buddza, i.e. hoe, wheelbarrow, ox plough Bucket, etc. ie think positive no greenhouse gases, westerners will donate these just ask for these. Same goes for mining diamonds. The land where we stop looking for WORK as soon as we find a job (just get the $US)