Protest in Support of Itai [Action] Dzamara

via Protest in Support of Itai [Action] Dzamara 12 March 2015

Demonstration in support of Itai [Action] Dzamara

Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS)-UK Chapter and other civic organisations will join the Zimbabwe Vigil outside Zimbabwe House. 429 Strand, London WC2R 0JR from 2 – 6 pm on Saturday 14th March 2015 to demonstrate in support of brave activist Itai Dzamara founder and leader of OAUS, who was abducted on 9th March. Please come and support this important event.

Message from OAUS-UK

Even if released, the protest must go on. This is in protest at the way citizens are being treated in Zimbabwe. We cannot be slaves in our own country. We now live in perpetual fear. Our lives are in danger the moment we question things that are bedevilling Zimbabwe. We come in peace and we shall die for Zimbabwe in peace. We will continue to cry for freedom in peace. We condemn any form of violence. We are the people. We are the numbers. Let’s Go. The Struggle Continues Unabated. Freedom shall win. Vincere Caritate – We will conquer, not with force, but with LOVE.

We are not pointing fingers nor are we accusing anyone. We are simply saying that whoever abducted Itai Dzamara should bring him back safely to his wife, children and family. We are not seeking any political mileage. Itai Dzamara has achieved enough mileage already, hence his abduction. Why should he be silenced?

OAUS is inviting all civic, political and religious groups, friends of Itai [ACTION] Dzamara to come and show their support and desire for freedom of expression in Zimbabwe.

It all started on the 17 October 2014, when a young man, former journalist and father of two, Itai Dzamara presented a petition to the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe over the “failure of your government to properly and effectively manage the country”. His sole effort transformed into a civic movement dubbed the Occupy Africa Unity Square.

On 09 March 2015 Itai Dzamara, leader of Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS) was abducted in Harare, Zimbabwe. There is no official statement from the authorities. Government and state security are duty bound to protect all citizens, even those opposed to the governing body. We are not pointing fingers at the state, the ruling party or security agents. We are simply appealing to whoever is holding Itai to have compassion and release him.

The right to freedom of expression is crucial to the development of democracy in Zimbabwe. Information and ideas help to inform political debate and are essential to public accountability and transparency in government.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe gives everyone the right to freedom of expression, which includes the freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without State interference.

This includes the right to communicate and to express oneself through public protest and demonstrations. This is what Itai Dzamara and Occupy Africa Unity Square Movement were all about. In order to achieve our goals, in a civil, peaceful and resolute manner, we are guided by these golden rules, at all times and in all our conduct.

1. We never carry nor use any weapon during our campaigns or the actual execution of our mission – not even the smallest of stones, because we don’t need them at all.

2. We never fight anyone, even when attacked and provoked, because, we want to maintain peace and order. We have a zero tolerance for violence of any form. Our form of defense is shaming and exposing perpetrators of violence or brutality.

3. Our mission and goals absolutely have no need for us to destroy either public or private property. We must remain desirous of walking into a Zimbabwe with its property in place and intact.

4. We never antagonise people, even those that do not agree with our purpose or join us. We always preach love, respect and upholding of human dignity. For example, we shall be consistent with reference to the police, as ‘our colleagues from the police’.

5. When attacked by the police, we do not run away, but rather we lie down and do our best to prevent damage to our heads, using our hands. We shall never be broken nor forced to abandon our mission by violent or brutal attacks from the police.

6. At all times we clearly and openly communicate our plans, among ourselves and to any other relevant recipients. We shall always plan and execute simple, civil, peaceful and resolute strategies to achieve our goals, for which there would be nothing to hide.

7. We shall always persevere and remain resolute, strong and unbreakable, at every stage and point when executing our mission. This shall be one of our major strengths. We do not run away nor tire from the commitment for this noble cause

8. Our currency shall be solidarity and camaraderie among ourselves and with all Zimbabweans, under the framework of pursuing civil, peaceful and resolute methods for a better Zimbabwe.

9. We never discriminate on any grounds, of race, political affiliation, religious interests, sexual orientation or simply viewpoint. We embrace and work with all the people desiring and committed to a better Zimbabwe.

10. At all times we operate through, and maintain, order and unity of purpose. We are all leaders and uphold effective communication as well as proper implementation of plans. That requires self and group discipline as well humbleness required to follow orders and plans.

We have managed to adopt these golden rules and we entrench them within our hearts. We are all leaders and therefore with the responsibility for upholding as well as teaching about these fundamental guiding principles.

We are the people. We are the numbers. Let’s Go!!

Tendai Kwari – Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS-UK)


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    Andrew M Manyevere 7 years ago

    One of the many sad days for Zimbabwe that keep recurring has been and passed. I am encouraged by the Virgil group in London and can only urge all Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to begin realizing that this situation is not about next door but about all of us.Itai Dzamara where ever he is, is a victim of a government we have let go for thirty five years and did nothing except sporadic and nonstrategic efforts that Zanu managed to convert for their good and turned the situation round in their favor. It does not matter what Zanu says and what religious Zanu supporters may want to preach, the Zanu government is illegitimate as now evidence in scuffles among its own. It is an opportune time that Zimbabweans unite and make a demonstration to the world that Robert Mugabe and his cohorts are undesirable and have caused enough suffering and dying from lack of hope, medicine, protection and good governance. ordinarily this government should have long gone. We are loosing young people while geriatrics continue to live ostentatiously, arrogant, unaccountable and disregarding life as if they issue tickets for it. A government that disregards life and relegate her citizens to be victims should not be allowed to remain in power. Let’s use the only voice we have, rise every corner where we are in the world, rise every corner in Zimbabwe and instantaneous to claim the right that Mugabe and his cohorts must retire immediately. Its painful, its inhuman and its not African to put this greedy for money above human life in this extreme measure. Itai should be accounted for dead or alive. Zimbabweans owe it to Zimbabwe and not to Robert Mugabe to stop Mugabe from treating people like toys and to urge the world to stop watching this bizarre acts as though a game of chase. let us prevail to influence the world to democratically untie the Zanu CABAL comprising the military hierarchy, secret service, middle class surrogates, the prison service hierarchy, police hierarchy and Border Gezi youth militia and hooligans from acts of private terror on masses and abductions.It is time we tell this story vivid and strong. I urge even the Zanu drop outs, if we have to do it right lets do it now and all of us. Itai Dzamara should be accounted for by the Zanu government to the world because they have failed to protect citizens. This is serious case of open failure to govern.

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      gogosesikhona 7 years ago

      If Zimbabwe had resources such as oil, will mugabe still be in power? This is a million dollar question. Because there is nothing of significant value,the world is looking the other way.

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    pinda 7 years ago

    Go Dzamara, go Dzamara!!!! now that we have have a brave OAUS, diasporans lets back this movement with resources and worldwide campaign. We are best situated to make a change. Let this brave move not go in vain. What can we do to support?????

  • comment-avatar
    kelly 7 years ago

    Brave move Dzamara and everyone needs to join in on this one. Enough is enough, how long can we hide behind our fingers, lets support this movement. May be every diaspora in different countries should organize themselves to further the cause (lots of media outlets and social media out there)

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    Ngoto Zimbwa 7 years ago

    Something big needs to be done for ZPF to begin to realise they cannot continue to play havoc with our lives, like this.

    I second that one.
    Everyone who cares for our Zim needs to say, “enough is enough”.

  • comment-avatar
    Loreen 7 years ago

    Enough is enough we are sick and tired of zanu pf. The people of Zimbabwe have suffered enough