Racism at Anjin: Chinese earn 6 times more than Zimbabweans for same job

via Racism at Anjin: Chinese earn 6 times more than Zimbabweans for same job – Nehanda Radio May 18 2015

Workers at Anjin Diamond Company are crying foul over racial discrimination with allegations that Chinese nationals working on the same job as Zimbabwean nationals are getting different salaries on the same job description.

Anjin, one of the seven firms licensed to mine the vast government-controlled Marange diamond fields, is a joint venture between China’s Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co and Zimbabwean State entities and began operations in 2009.

Located in the Manicaland province, Marange diamond fields, 400km east of Harare have been the focus of controversy since citizens previously occupying the area were displaced to make way for various mining companies. Human rights activists say up to 200 people were killed during the removal of villagers.

Investigations conducted by this reporter revealed that a Dump truck operator of Chinese nationality gets a salary of US$ 1800 per month whilst a Zimbabwean Dump truck operator gets $300 per month.

A former employee with Anjin, Tavengwa Sitima said that Zimbabwean employees have been subject to abuse from the company for a long time and no action has been taken to ensure that the company complies to the labour rules and regulations.

“l was chased away from the company because l was vocal and l raised issues of employee welfare, the company has created an environment where employees who complain are sent away as such employees have learnt to keep quiet so as to feed their families”, said Sitima.

Sitima was dismissed from his duties at Anjin in the year 2012. Like many other former employees at Anjin he was not afforded with a formal hearing and has not been given a chance to collect his belongings from the company barracks.

Labour Act chapter (17:01) states that discrimination based on race, tribe, place of origin, political opinion, colour, creed, gender and any disability in matters to do with employment all contribute to unfair practice by the employer.

Douglas Marekera the Security Manager for Anjin said he could not comment on these allegations.

“l cannot comment on these allegations on behalf of the company, go back to the person who told you” said Marekera.

Miners from the Chinese-owned companies described consistently poor health and safety standards, including inadequate ventilation that can lead to serious lung diseases, the failure to replace workers’ damaged protective equipment, and routine threats to fire workers who refuse to work in unsafe places underground.

These practices cause injuries and other health complications. At times, Chinese managers bribe or threaten miners to keep them from reporting accidents or other problems to the government’s Mines Safety Department, said one of Anjin employees who requested anonymity.


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    JRR56 7 years ago

    Just rewards for stupid people that support presidents like Mugabe. Obviously this is what the Chinese think Africans are worth, next to nothing. They operate mines and industries with no regard to safety, break every law under the sun but do not put thier own in harms way even when they earn 5X more. This is also why they steal ivory and Rhino horns from Africa, they do not care about Africa in any way, they will destroy the enviroment till nothing is left and you stupid people let them do it while you politicians get paid peanuts in commissions.

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    grabmore 7 years ago

    Chinese people cannot stand black people.

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      zoran 7 years ago

      People wake up you zimbabwean government officials , the Chinese people are blood sucking worms , they don’t care about black people or any other race , they are selfish self centred .

      If you think these people came to zimbabwe for the benefit of Zimbabweans you are wrong , when they get what they want they abandon you naked.

      The best thing for Zimbabwe is to Chase those squinty eyed people out , out of Africa , get them out or you continue to cry.

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    laughing rhodie 7 years ago

    Enjoy the fruits of the mugabe government comrades. Chinese people look after their interest, what you think? They were going to save Zimbabwe? This is what you bargained for when you chosse to elect the old scum over and over again. Now enjoy the fruits.
    Long live rhodesia.

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      Nikki 7 years ago

      Don’t you understand, laughing rhodie, that the people do not re-elect the same party time and again. If you read the news you would have understood that the elections are RIGGED time and again.