Renamo MPs take seats

via Renamo MPs take seats – The Zimbabwean 12 February 2015

Renamo MPs took up their seats in parliament and took the oath of office yesterday (Wednesday 11 Feb), in two ceremonies.

Most who were in or near Maputo were sworn in at mid- afternoon, but a group of 16 from Nampula and the north only arrived by plane at 21.00 so took the oath at a special ceremony at 22.30.

Veronica Macamo of Frelimo is the speaker (president) of parliament. The Frelimo deputy speaker is Antonio Amelia and the Renamo deputy speaker is Yanusse Amade.

Margarida Talapa remains head of the Frelimo parliamentary bench. The two opposition parties have both changed the heads of the benches.

Renamo has named Ivone Soares, niece of party head Afonso Dhlakama, as head of the parliamentary bench. An influential advisor to Dhlakama, she is also a writer and blogger.

MDM (Movimento Democratico de Moçambique) has named Lutero Simango, brother of party leader Daviz Simango, as head of the parliamentary bench. He is one of the key party organisers.

A two-day special session of parliament begins today, and should name the seven parliamentary commissions. Each commission has a chair, deputy chair, and secretary (presidente, vice-presidente e relator), one from each party. The special session will also postpone the next regular session until March.