Robbers flog Mwenezi farmer

via Robbers flog Mwenezi farmer | The Herald July 24, 2015

THREE armed robbers wearing police and army uniforms stormed a commercial farm in Mwenezi, handcuffed and flogged the farmer, his wife and workers before stealing $5 000.

Police said the suspects also took a variety of items whose value was yet to be ascertained.

Stolen was a Webbley revolver, 20 rounds of ammunition, 10x9mm rounds, a 12 volt Exide battery, 20 litres petrol, 10kg beef, two Samsung cellphones, one Nokia cellphone, a pair of Nikon binoculars, a sharpening kit, Robertson wine, 14 Pilsener pints, six soft drinks and cash amounting to $4 030 and R10 000.

Assistant Inspector Nkululeko Nduna of Masvingo Police said the suspects disappeared from the scene after committing the crime on Monday at around 6.30pm.

“A manhunt has since been launched and the long arm of the law will catch up with them,” said Asst Insp Nduna.

A witness, Nesbert Chauke, said three men clad in police and military uniforms and travelling in a grey station wagon vehicle arrived at Westenzelhof Farm owned by Jan Kotze (53), under Chief Chikanga’s area.

“The three intercepted Kotze at the farm gate. Two of the suspects were clad in police uniforms while the third one was putting on a Zimbabwe National Army uniform. They all claimed to be on duty. The two in police uniform asked Kotze to produce his fire-arm certificate to which he responded by demanding their identification cards. The suspects failed to produce any identification,” said Nesbert.

He said one of the suspects produced a revolver and pointed it at Kotze threatening to shoot him while the other one handcuffed him from behind.

Nesbert said one of Kotze’s farm workers, Fanuel Musengi (45) went to the gate to investigate and was also handcuffed together with his boss.

Other farm workers, Mapuvire Chigoyi (32) of Musala Ranch and Claudius Chauke (25) of Mahelemu Village, were also ordered to lie on the ground while the robbers were still holding Kotze and Musengi hostage.

“Chigoyi and Chauke had their hands tied with seal straps. The suspects further forced the workers and their employer back to the house where they met Kotze’s wife, Miranda (50). Miranda was outside the house. They handcuffed her to her husband before one of the robbers fired one shot into the air apparently to scare away barking dogs,” said Nesbert.

He said the workers were ordered to lie on the ground while Kotze and his wife were taken into the house by one of the robbers in police uniform and the one in camouflage while the other robber in police uniform remained outside guarding the employees,” he said.

Nesbert said while inside the house, two of the suspects demanded money and FN rifles. They threatened to shoot the couple if they failed to co-operate.

“The two robbers ransacked the couple’s bedroom and took away cash amounting to $4 030 and R10 000. They also took a revolver calibre 4 SS/N 201251 with six live rounds, 20 revolver rounds and 10×9 mm rounds,” he said.

Nesbert said after accomplishing their mission, the suspects escorted the employees who had remained outside into the house.

He said the suspects ordered everyone to lie down before they sjambokked them.


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    Rule of law anyone?

    Die – you ferkahs!!!

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    Michael 9 years ago

    Agents of the Government needing money for Grace’s party no doubt. Where did they get the police ad army uniforms from together with handcuffs, etc if they were not?

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    these are mwana we Bob and Grace, dogs of the zanu kind…they must be destroyed