Ruined ZBC ‘loses’ 12 cars to ex-staffer

via Ruined ZBC ‘loses’ 12 cars to ex-staffer 6 August 2014

THE desperate state of affairs at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation was recently exposed after a former senior employee, unlawfully sacked in 2004, attached equipment that included 12 vehicles, computers and furniture.

Former news anchor and top executive, Abigail Mvududu, was purged from the public broadcaster in 2004 but successfully challenged the decision, winning a damages award of US$180,000.

But the ZBC, broke as a crack-head, failed to pay, forcing Mvududu and her lawyers to obtain a writ of execution.

On the 8th of July, Mvududu who was Head of Radio and Television Services, visited ZBC’s Pockets Hill base in Harare to pick, at her pleasure, what equipment and property suited her fancies at the beleaguered broadcaster.

In the presence of ZBC’s legal services manager, the former news presenter helped herself to several vehicles that included are a Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Mazda BT50 (x8), a Ford truck and Rhino Cam (x2).

She also took a Sinotruck outside broadcasting Van, Iveco Radio Uplink, 600 HP desktop computers, 200 HP printers, sets of sofas, cameras and television sets.

The equipment was set to be removed from Pockets Hill on July 14 when ZBC managers, on their knees and pleading poverty, approached Mvududu’s lawyers with a deal that would allow them to continue using the property.

Mindful that the corporation is teetering on the brink of collapse which would have been hastened by the seizure of the equipment, Mvududu’s lawyers agreed to a deal under which ZBC would credit their client’s bank account with $5,000 every month until the damages claim is paid off.

The deal effectively means Mvududu will earn $5,000 from ZBC each month for three years without breaking sweat for the corporation because of management’s bungling.

Meanwhile, the seized equipment will remain under judicial attachment until full payment of the debt. ZBC however risks losing the property altogether should it default.

Mvududu joined the ZBC in November 1996 on a fixed term contract which would have expired on August 31, 2007.

But the ZBC terminated the contract under unclear circumstances in 2004 prompting Mvududu to go to the courts.


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    gwabu 7 years ago

    She wants to kill the zpf mouthpiece.
    but she is not also clever.

    she should have demanded at least 1 third down. sorry by end of 3yrs she might not be there either.

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    Charles Frizell 7 years ago

    LOL – Bandit Land

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    John Thomas 7 years ago

    The sooner ZBC is shut the better. No radio is better than the rubbish they broadcast. Everybody who can afford dstv never watches ZTV. ZBC is a useless operation. As useful as the popes pecker.