SADC to receive normal rainfall

via SADC to receive normal rainfall | The Herald September 2, 2014 by Elita Chikwati

SADC climate experts have forecast a normal to above normal rainfall season for the bulk of the region as Government targets to plant above 1, 5 million hectares of maize during the 2014 /15 season.
A statement from the 18th Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum (Sarcof 18) held in Namibia last week says the bulk of SADC will receive normal to above normal rainfall from October 2014 to February 2015.

“Central Mozambique, southern half of Malawi, north eastern half of Zimbabwe, the bulk of Zambia, south eastern half of Angola, bulk of Namibia and western half of Botswana have increased chances of normal to above normal.

“South western half of Zimbabwe, extreme south western Zambia, Zambezi area of Namibia and most of northern parts of South Africa have high chances of receiving normal to above normal rainfall in the first half of the season.

“However, northern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), northern Madagascar and Mauritius are more likely to receive normal to below-normal rainfall during the first and second halves of the season,” reads the report.

Meanwhile, Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister Dr Joseph Made yesterday urged farmers to speed up preparations as the summer cropping season was already underway.

“All farmers should be busy with preparations. This season we want to aim at an early crop as this will give us the best opportunity to attain high yields.
“Obviously Government is concerned that a number of facilities should be offered to farmers. We are expecting contract farming to intensify in cotton and tobacco,” he said.

Dr Made said emphasis was on grain production as the country depends on maize and small grains for food.
He said the ministry would engage President Mugabe to continue with the Presidential Well Wishers Scheme.

Maize production increased from 785 000 tonnes the previous season to above 1,4 million tonnes last season.
The increase was attributed to the Presidential Well Wishers Scheme.


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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    We’ll still be blaming sanctions/drought at the end of the season when we’ll be begging our former white farmers reaping in Zambia bumper crops to feed us. Mugabe – the great GRAIN robber !!!!!!!!!! Kraal idiot Joseph made doesn’t even have a certificate from gwebi which was at one time world renowned as Rhodesian agricultural university

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    What storm clouds following sadc around what a joke all the rain in the world will not make better farmers.

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    Farming is about having the right expertise , resources and the will to work and produce more and not about one’s skin!. What most new farmers in Zimbabwe , black or white , do not have today are financial and other resources to use in their farming activities. During the colonial era and indeed before the economic meltdown in Zimbabwe , those of us who do not have short memory, will remember that farmers got a lot of support from government. The Cold Storage , for instance , loaned cattle to farmers who would then keep the offsprings of the loaned cattle. AFC , on the other hand, was always on hand to offer farmers soft loans to finance their farming activities. This reminds of one beef cattle farmers from the Midlands Province who to start with could not tell the difference between female and male cattle but went on to be one of the best farmers in Zimbabwe. He started off with males only and then wondered why they were not multiplying only to be told that he needed to mix females and males. When This kind of support is now lacking due to the financial constraints affecting the government, other wise most farmers have the right expertise and have the zeal to work hard and produce more. The financial constraints are attributed in part to economic sanctions . The weather has also been unkind to Zimbabwe from time to time. Zimbabweans, this is the time to close ranks and to maximise the few resources available to lift yourselves out of the dungeon of poverty. Petty political differences will never work in your favour and crying over spilt milk will not help either!

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      Mupurisa 8 years ago

      The future, huh? Still kana mvura yanaya zvebasa, mangwana tichanzwa hehe, masanctions, hehe drought, hehe MDC. You Zanoids have a endless supply of excuses.
      As said by yourself, and others, ones skin colour has got nothing to do with one’s ability to farm, otherwise the rest of your written contribution is utter nonsense.
      Nderipi dofo risingazivi the difference between male and female cattle? Mapenzi akadayi akazara muZanu chete!
      Just like how you do not know the difference between land reform and daylight robbery, nor the difference between ZANU and Zimbabwe. Idiot.

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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    @ The Future , you are correct in one thing ability has nothing to do with ones skin colour but the rest of your writing is nonsense. Under the present regime absolutely no one black white pink yellow can achieve anything through good old fashioned hard work and honesty. The powers that be have created an enviroment whereby only thieves can flourish.

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    Gomogranny 8 years ago

    Yes, The Mind Boggles…..and thieves do not good farmers make! Not now, not ever.