Senator castigates culture of violence

via Senator castigates culture of violence – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 19, 2015

HARARE Senator James Makore (MDC-T) has castigated the culture of violence being exhibited by some Zimbabweans, saying it was a result of lack of education on the Constitution.


Makore said this in Senate on Tuesday while contributing to a motion on the Presidential speech, where he said politically- motivated violence in the country was alarming.

“We have seen a lot of violence escalating on the basis that people think they are above the law and political parties have demonstrated extraordinary violence,” he said.

“It is not one party that I can point to, but of recent we had an incident in Chitungwiza, where a person took an axe and chopped the other to death because of party positions.”

Makore said the snail’s pace at which laws were being aligned to the Constitution had resulted in people not knowing their rights, while others took the law into their own hands.

“There should be training of people on the Constitution, so that people know of their fundamental rights,” he said. Matabeleland South Senator Bheki Sibanda weighed in, saying whenever opposition parties raised the issue of political violence, it was seen as if they wanted to get attention from
the media.

“We should value the lives of Zimbabweans, whether they are young, small, political or apolitical,” Sibanda said.