Sweden: corruption ‘rampant’ in Zimbabwe

via Sweden: corruption ‘rampant’ in Zimbabwe – New Zimbabwe 06/10/2015

A SWEDISH diplomat has complained bitterly about poor administration of donor funds in Zimbabwe, saying corruption was so “rampant” it was frustrating to continue doing business in the troubled country.

This is the first time that a donor has publicly and frankly spoken on the abuse of funds since last year when there were allegations of misappropriation of aid by some NGOs.

In 2014, there were also reports of the abuse of the Health Transition Fund by top health ministry officials.

Health Transition Fund comes from a pool of western donors and is aimed at improving the country’s health delivery system.

Officiating at the  Youth Global Advocacy Conference- Participate 2015 hosted by Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT), in Harare Monday  deputy ambassador of Sweden  Maria Selin said they were frustrated by corruption.

“We are responsible for a lot of money of which tax payer’s money which we invest and when I say invest in Zimbabwe I mean we invest in human development, we invest in poverty reduction and we want to see results of what we do,” she complained.

“We need to go back home and tell our people who are the tax payers that we are making a difference and its worthwhile continuing and of course as Sweden we are committed to development cooperation, but one real enemy of this investment is corruption”.

Ambassador Selin said although corruption is everywhere, in Zimbabwe the scourge was “rampant”.

“We see it all over the world and no doubt about it, but in this country, unfortunately, it is rampant.

“I am saying this because it should not be like that; the money we invest should go to the health care, to the infrastructure, youth friendly services and other programs; that is where it should go”.

According to Transparency International, Zimbabwe remains a highly corrupt nation.

The anti-graft lobby group says this has normalised and institutionalised corruption to the extent of that graft has itself become a survival strategy.

On another note Selin said Sweden was ready to invest and ease the unemployment rate Zimbabwe is experiencing but the unattractive business environment was making it difficult for the international community to risk their investments.

She said delays by government to accurately pronounce its investment laws were holding back investment.

“Economic down turn, we talk a lot about that in Zimbabwe simply because the economy is in a dire stress,” she said.

“But we need to create employment opportunities and for that there has to be an attractive investment climate as well.

“We need to be able to make companies come here and invest because these jobs need to come from somewhere and they need to be in the private sector,” she said.


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    R Judd 7 years ago

    Dear Swedish diplomat I hate to be the one to break this to you, but you guys have been seen as plump chickens ripe for plucking since before 1980.

    It is the deepest desire of many educated Zimbabweans to get a job with an European NGO in order to do as little work as possible and steal as much as possible.

    The ideals, morals and sense of solidarity that motivate you to try and do the good work that you do are little understood or appreciated here. The perception is that you are soft headed fools who deserve to be taken advantage of. Add to this a mystifying sense of entitlement that pervades all levels of local society along with zero sense of responsibility and you have what we now have.

    Try and connect with those Zimbabweans who are not out to prostitute themselves for a few dollars of someone elses money. These people exist,but not in the circles you frequent.

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    We need to go back home and tell our people who are the tax payers that we are making a difference and its worthwhile continuing and of course as Sweden we are committed to development cooperation, but one real enemy of this investment is corruption—- GO BACK HOME AND STAY THERE– YOU ARE NOT HELPING ZIMBABWEANS BY PROPPING UP THE VERY SAME CORRUPT REGIME THAT YOU AND YOUR COUNTRY GOT INTO POWER IN 1980 P.S. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED NOT ONE OF YOUR SWEDISH KRONOR IN 35 YEARS OF LIVING HERE!! MAYBE IT IS LOSING VALUE EN ROUTE– KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

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    IAN SMITH 7 years ago

    Dear Swedish Tax Payers

    1)The solution is simple
    1) Set up shop as far away from Harare as possible say eg Plumtree.
    2) Give no cash
    3) Purchase what you need In Botswana or SA
    4) Bring people from Sweden to implement the program i.e. Nuns
    5) Pay Zimbabweans with food/fuel vouchers.

    The country is in the 1800s stage i.e. Lobengula period where you get permission from an induna to accomplish any project there is no law at all so all bets are of at the present time.

    We thank you for your care may God grant you the way to make a difference to those who desperately need your help.

    Stay strong the winds of change are blowing.

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    C Frizell 7 years ago

    I am happy the Swedes are AT LAST telling it like it is. It has taken long enough.

    Everyone should read Dambisa Moyoy’s book Dead Aid. And especially these “Donor” countries.

    Long ago the Indians had a motto, “Trade Not Aid” and I fully support that. But of course the geniuses in Zim came up with . . . “Indigenisation” (theft by the rich, for the rich)

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    HJust listen to responses from the Regime critising the sweeden authority,they will obviously respond vomiting.

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    Qaqaqa 7 years ago

    the government of zimbabwe will obviously dismiss this as out right lies.

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    mandevu 7 years ago

    Yes R Judd you have captured the reality well in your comment. Aid is changing across the world as a result of countries like Zimbabwe and increasingly it will only go to countries that can demonstrate good business practices. We need to make a start by getting this government out – they are a disaster

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    Njalo 7 years ago

    Hello Sweden,

    The Swedish Taxpayers and Swedish Missionaries have contributed immensely to the former Rhodesia and now Zimbabwe, particularly towards the advancement and health of the indigenous peoples.
    Sadly, the administrators of the aid programs are duped by the mostly corrupt Zimbabwe based applicants for partner positions.
    Herewith a couple of simple tips:


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    Gullible 7 years ago

    The Swedish, gullible as they were, did not have this situation in mind when they supported the liberation struggle. Some liberation, the liberty to loot without restraint.

    We Europeans and Americans do more stupid things, we helped to remove Kadhafi and Saddam who somehow managed to contain the Arab madness. As we speak, thousands of African Muslim thrash is spilling over into Europe, threatening the fundaments of freedom. I suggest they go to Sweden.

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    To = gullible- That’s one of the places they are trying to get to but are being stopped/turned away by a VERY VERY complicated RACIST (Quota system)- It’s a case of– DO what we say– NOT WHAT WE DO//It’s a case of –WE ALL feel sorry for the refugees BUT LETS FEEL SORRY FOR THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE// NOT IN SWEDEN??