Teachers urge better access to e-learning

via Teachers urge better access to e-learning 22 October 2014

Government should give teachers equal opportunities to access and benefit from the recently launched Open Distance Learning and E learning books.

Richard Gundani, the president for the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) said failure by government to invest in alternative sources of energy had the potential to derail gains expected from the introduction of E- learning books for rural teachers – the majority of whom are working in schools where there is no electricity or computers.

Gundani’s statements come in the wake of recent developments where the University of Zimbabwe’s department of teacher education last week launched Open Distance Learning (ODL) and Electronic (E-Learning) books targeting primary student teachers.

“This is the first step in the right direction considering the digital divide existent between the teachers and the students,” said Gundani. “There are teachers that are not computer literate and this becomes the starting point in bridging that gap.” “Digital skills require electricity, although there are some schools in the rural areas that are using other sources of energy such as generators and solar. Who is going to fund the costs associated with this?” he asked. “Issues of funding for the full utilisation should not cascade to the rural poor.”