The Zim ad nominated for top award

via The Zim ad nominated for top award 17 December 2014

The much-acclaimed and multi-award-winning 2009 advertising campaign for The Zimbabwean newspaper has been nominated for inclusion in the 15 top adverts of the 21st century.

Dubbed the Trillion Dollar Campaign, the advertising campaign featured eye-catching roadside billboards in South Africa made up of trillions and trillions of genuine Zimbabwean dollar notes. The notes were discarded during the hyper-inflation period in favour of multiple currencies. The money had become so worthless nobody bothered to steal any from the billboards.

The unique ad campaign won awards in several countries including the prestigious Lowries in Cannes, which are the equivalent of a film Oscar. The selection for the 15 best ads of the 21st Century will be done on January 12.

“We worked with the best advertising agency in South Africa – TBWA/Hunt Lascaris. They are, without doubt, a multi-talented agency full of people with great ideas. They were a joy to work with,” said the editor and publisher of The Zimbabwean, Wilf Mbanga.