To hell with Chinamasa FDI talk, Zhuwao

via To hell with Chinamasa FDI talk, Zhuwao – New Zimbabwe 01/10/2015

MUTARE: Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao has made a scathing attack on some top government officials who are preaching the gospel of foreign direct investment, describing them as “enemies of indigenisation”.

Zhuwao made these remarks while addressing youth officers from his ministry drawn from various districts of the province at Mutare Hall Wednesday.

His remarks are a slap in the face of finance minister Patrick Chinamasa who is making frantic efforts to lure investors to boost the ailing economy.

Chinamasa has been working hard to get Zimbabwe back into the good graces of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a desperate bid to secure debt relief, new financial support and to improve the country’s battered image in the West.

“We heard some top politicians saying we will re-look at indigenisation. This means they are saying my-self and all of you should go home and sit.

“Those who are talking about foreign direct investment are precisely saying we should go home.

“If he is your legislator who is saying that then he is saying youths should be fired and go home.

“Please sit down with him or her and tell him that he is going to be the first one to go,” said Zhuwao amid a thunderous applause from youths whose jobs are on the line following government plans to cull down the civil service wage bill.

Zhuwao assured hundreds of youths that their jobs were secured as they were the vanguard of the revolutionary party.

“Some politicians speak in hotels that they want to fire youth officers.

“Those who are saying so are those who joined the party through the back door and waivers. They should not be over excited when their tummies are full,” warned Zhuwao.

The minister said President Mugabe won the election through the indigenisation and empowerment card, saying the programme has to be fulfilled through full implementation of the party’s manifesto.

“People voted for President Mugabe in 2013 and this means they accepted the Zanu PF manifesto. We have to fulfill it and create jobs,” said Zhuwao.

Zhuwao’s rant come soon after war veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa hit out at finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s pro-IMF strategy.

At one moment, Chinamasa had to rebuke Mutsvangwa during a public meeting.

It remains to be seen how he will handle Zhuwao, president Mugabe’s dear nephew.


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    R Judd 7 years ago

    Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao is singing for his supper. His head is empty. He should go home and stay there and keep quiet.

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    presumably zhuwao is a graduate from the same school of economics that produced our own local economic miracles ??

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    matsena k 7 years ago

    let him be finance minister,and maybe,just maybe,he will learn more about the need for fdi.or,better still ,go show him the site where our natural gas reserves in lupane are,so he can take his’comrades’ and start work on the site.nonsense!!

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    IAN SMITH 7 years ago

    zuhwao is this not the name most commonly used by Malawians

    Just to confirm uncle mugabage is a bonafide malawian hell bent and set on destroying Zimbabwe as punishment for the years his countrymen spent in the sewage department.
    Send them packing ASAP they stink.

    Elect an Indigenous Zimbabwean LOL

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    Tiger Shona 7 years ago

    The cheapest of politics. But let him go ahead. It will speed up the demuse of Zanu PF.

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    tonyme 7 years ago

    Zhuwao is firstly not a Zimbabwean name. Secondly this guy has no clue how to generate jobs. The Chinese and current administration have done nothing to create jobs. How many of those youths he was talking have an honest job? Quite disturbingly, the support of non -functional programs that do not generate economic improvement is counter productive. The youth need to be told the truth that there needs to be jobs which they don’t have. Let Chinamasa do his job and help youth to understand that.

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      Yayano 7 years ago

      @tonyme, what difference would it make if Zhuwao was a ‘Zimbabwean’ name? Are you happy that Shiri is a ‘Zimbabwean’ name and that name is associated with the butchering of thousands of innocent civilians in the 80s?
      The point is @tonyme, it’s unfortunate that people get bogged down by trivialities and forgetting the real issues.
      What Zhuwao is saying here is very nonsensical and suicidal for the Zimbabwean economy.
      Every country around the world talks about attracting FDI. This can be Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Senegal etc – they all want FDI and they create environments to attract FDI.
      Why? Because FDI creates jobs and grows the economy.
      The problem with the indigenisation policy is that it doesn’t create any new jobs nor grow the economy.
      In its present form all it does is it enriches a very few select Zanu PF individuals for a while before that company eventually closes down.
      As a result the economy shrinks and we can see the effects even now, its not some imaginary theory.
      People like Zhuwao should know that and from this report he has zero leadership credentials just like his archaic uncle Robert.