Too many parties

via Too many parties – The Zimbabwean 16.9.2015

A plethora of political parties will play into Zanu (PF)’s hands, say Harare residents interviewed by The Zimbabwean.

“The problem with these politicians is that they view forming parties the same way as opening a business. They are only interested in the money and prestige that comes with it. Deep down in their hearts, most of them know that they cannot win a single seat on their own. We have seen this with the likes of Mavambo, MDC-N, Zapu and others. The small parties must realise that they are wasting our time,” said Thomas Marongwe of Southerton.

Agnes Mapara, a vendor operating in the industrial area, bemoaned the fact that almost all the small parties were led by men. “This goes to show how greedy men are. They go ahead and form those parties and use women to campaign for them so that they can get money from donors,” said Mapara. “Who doesn’t know that we always have these shady parties that emerge towards elections and disappear immediately soon after? No-one takes them seriously. As it stands, the only parties that matter are MDC-T and Mujuru’s People First.

The rest can bark as much as they want but we will not listen to them,” said Crimson Saurombe, who works for a tobacco company.
He urged the major parties to form a coalition or even merge into one to ensure that Zanu (PF) was defeated at the next elections.


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    Patriotic 7 years ago

    The only parties that matter most come elections are ZanuPF, MDC-T and I guess People First. All the other small parties wont matter much. This is the truth we all cannot run away from.

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    jayadhara 7 years ago

    The only opposition party people know is M.D.C.T twumwe utwo pfutseki! People 1st is still zanu pf yabob.2018 people tisaita chiringa paMdcT ndizvo

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    ngororombe 7 years ago

    regai titi nguva ino haisi yekutamba nenguva, ma party arikutanga this time haasisina chinangwa chatirikutarasira chekuti paite rusununguko, vanhu vechokwadi kusunungura vanobatana voita chinhu chimwechete, hapana chinyadzisa apa, MDC T ndizvo

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    MaParty aya are aimed at weakening MDC, that’s the simple truth. Because they preach the same thing that MDC preaches and are at the same time highlighting the shortfalls that MDC and Morgan have and are attempting to paint their parties in a better light. While its true that MDC has the creds and has been there for a long time, they have also failed to win and have even been in a GNU that they wasted out time in. Whereas Peoples First for example have not yet been in an election and yet they have been in the ruling elite for decades and so they know how to get there. vanhu that vote Zanu kumisha uko where you have most of the population will always vote Zanu because MDC has not in all their years in power managed to entrench themselves in those areas so really the only population that all these new parties are fighting for is your city dwellers. the Zanu in the city will always vote Zanu because for them that’s a safe bet and then entrench themselves in internal conflicts like now but the MDC people and the non voters who are the looking at these parties will go with the ones that they feel is better which will fragment MDC votes into a lot of little parties. My problem with MDC is that this is light that they do not see, their supporters are loosing patience with them, look at the pull that Tendai Biti when he left , even Welshman did not have that many. Being the biggest opposition party is all good and well but will not win you the race if people keep chipping off at you little by little and you keep dismissing it because you have people to fill in those positions but have no new intake in actual party member numbers.