Tsvangirai pities tumbling Mugabe

via Tsvangirai pities tumbling Mugabe – New Zimbabwe 05/02/2015

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, President Robert Mugabe’s main political foe in the last decade and half, on Thursday wadded into the storm created by the long-serving leader’s embarrassing fall earlier in the week.

Tsvangirai who has borne the brunt of Mugabe’s brutal regime’s heavy handedness against opponents said the incident was unfortunate.

“I feel for him. It was an unfortunate incident and I hope he receives the healthcare that he deserves,” Tsvangirai told journalists in a short interview on the side-lines of a Christian convention in the capital.

The former prime minister could not be drawn into saying more although the spokesman for his MDC-T party Obert Gutu said the Zanu Pf leader should consider stepping down.

Mugabe’s spin doctors have been quick to dismiss the incident and water down any link to the president’s age.

Mugabe turns 91 later this month and over the years has reportedly been battling ill-health connected with prostate cancer.

At 90 Mugabe has in the last two weeks jetted in and out of the country with reckless abandon.

Fresh from his annual holiday in the Far East where he left his wife First Lady Grace behind recuperating from a minor operation, Mugabe spend less than 24 hours in the country before leaving for Zambia to attend Edgar Lungu’s inauguration.

A few days later he was once again out of the country to attend the African Union summit at which he was appointed chairperson.

Meanwhile presidential spokesperson George Charamba issued a statement claiming the president had reported for work as usual and would chair cabinet as the propaganda went into overdrive.

“The President’s ability to report for work without any difficulties is in direct contrast with the misrepresentation in private and western-sponsored media who had a field day in trying to portray the trip as a huge fall which they also tried to associate with his age when in actual fact it was a mere trip that was caused by a poorly laid out carpet,” Charamba said.

Information Minister Jonathan Moyo told state media; Mugabe’s fall was nothing unusual as “even Jesus Christ could have fallen in that kind of situation”.