Tsvangirai plans legal action against ‘Mai Jukwa’

via Tsvangirai plans legal action against ‘Mai Jukwa’ – DailyNews Live 26 June 2014 Fungi Kwaramba

HARARE – Former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who endured disparaging attacks from the once faceless Amai Jukwa now unmasked as Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, plans to drag the 28-year-old to court.

Kudzayi, who is currently languishing in remand prison on charges of banditry, attempting to overthrow a constitutionally-elected government, plotting insurgency, terrorism and sabotage, has been exposed as the man behind the hard hitting Amai Jukwa, whose attacks on Tsvangirai in the prelude to last year’s harmonised elections were damning.

Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC spokesperson, said they were trawling all the damning evidence in order to nail Amai Jukwa.

Mwonzora, who is also doubling as the opposition party’s lawyer, said legal action against Amai Jukwa was looming.

“We are going to study all the entrances first and yes we will definitely take legal action on any defamation that may arise from Amai Jukwa’s attacks on our president,” Mwonzora told the Daily News.

The intended court action against Kudzayi, will pile more woes for the troubled Sunday Mail editor.

Ironically, the State alleges that Kudzayi is Baba Jukwa, an enigmatic and equally controversial character that countered Amai Jukwa.

Mwonzora said the MDC cannot ignore Amai Jukwa, “because some of the attacks on Tsvangirai were personal while some bordered on malice.”

When former Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard placed the award-winning opposition leader in the league of South Africa’s founding president Nelson Mandela, an incensed Mai Jukwa had no kind words for the ex-PM, describing him as a “weak padlock-brain types like Morgan Tsvangirai who can be controlled and manipulated.”

“Surely, we must not muddy the legacy of Mandela by comparing him to a confused d***e like Tsvangirai,” Mai Jukwa wrote.

“The whites know Tsvangirai is a half-wit, sex-crazed man that has nothing to offer. He is no Kofi Annan. It is for this reason that he was such a useful asset to pinks like Roy Bennett and Eddie Cross.”

In signing off, Mai Jukwa made no apologies, nonchalantly declaring her respect and admiration for President Robert Mugabe and unbridled derision for the veteran trade unionist.

Shooting from the hip, Amai Jukwa famously described Tsvangirai as “the witless black puppet that was used to fight land reform to call for sanctions and to fight for indigenisation.”

In a letter dated June 8 and published on Tuesday, Kudzayi unequivocally claims that he was the one behind Amai Jukwa.  He said he joined Zanu PF after the party begun to have interests in his articles and videos attacking opposition leaders.

“In 2012, I launched an anonymous online personality (Amai Jukwa) that focused on Zimbabwean politics,” Kudzayi wrote.

“At the time, I was living in the United Kingdom running a media and software business. My decision to be anonymous was motivated by a desire to protect my business interests.

“The articles were published .. and soon attracted the attention of the State media in Zimbabwe. The Herald and the ZBC website began reproducing my articles … and publishing them on their platforms,” reads his letter.


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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    There should nt be any kind words for a person who di nt have any respect of tsvangirai ,his feud with zanu at the moment is not tsvangirai s problem, NAIL HIM.

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    Torai hupfumi 8 years ago

    Go ahead and nail him.look at his masters what have they done to him

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    Tozvirevakupiko 8 years ago

    CHOKWADI CHINORWADZA – whichever way we look1

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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    Suffer you bast%$rd suffer

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    chatunga 8 years ago

    this kudzai should go together with moyo. moyo used to spit poisonous vitrol agsinst mugabe. moyo might be the hidden hand behind jukwasgate

  • comment-avatar
    Kevin Watson 8 years ago

    One thing he was correct about is that Tsvangirai is easily duped and in a Mugabelike fashion he believes he has a life right to lead the MDC. The sooner he is put out to pasture the better. Zimbabwean voters are so easily duped by power hungry politicians who only want to look after themselves, it is pathetic.

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    chatunga 8 years ago

    poor small fish kudzai gushungo; together with gamatox ratchet same pressure to nail j moyo the goodfather of this scandal

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    chatunga 8 years ago

    vana save musapindire . munozadzwa madhodhi.

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    Sonofngwazi 8 years ago


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      ngororombe 8 years ago

      @sonof that’s a fact, maintain your focus, don’t hate them but also don’t eat with them, thus the true MDC that we know

    • comment-avatar
      Tsuro 8 years ago

      I concur- Focus..how many things have been said about Tsvangson which are not true. If you sue this one why not others, that means they become true. Remember the Ben “Munashe” story which you promised to sue and we never heard anything after that.

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    Chanisa 8 years ago

    What was said by Amai Jukwa about Morgen was evidently true. How is Tsvangirayi going to argue that it isn’t, the perennial loser that he is?

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    He is not languishing, but enjoying his stint in remand prison since he volunteered to sample it.

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    Khusto 8 years ago

    I dont think it ll b a wise decsion 4 the MDCTleader to nail the young boy as it is said, instead it is high time for the former Primier to focus on critical issues that affect zimbabwe as a whole, i.e. poverty and unemploymnt. Pple a still waiting for those jobs wch wr promsd by the ruling gvt, focusing on Jukwa s saga ll not profit us as a nation.

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    Quite agree.
    The MDC should ignore this chap and concentrate on national issues.
    Afterall, the courts are ZANU biased.

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    Can we say rakazvirova rikazhamba or kakasvirova kakashamba. Enjoy june and july playboy eishy. Vana Tsvangison musada kukwanakwana semb*r* apo.

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    Davy Mufirakureva 8 years ago

    amai jukwa zvavawana