Tsvangirai won’t back down on jobs demos

via Tsvangirai won’t back down on jobs demos – DailyNews Live 11 September 2014 by Lloyd Mbiba

HARARE – Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday vowed that his MDC will continue confronting President Robert Mugabe’s government over the two millions jobs the ruling party promised before elections last year.

While addressing party youths and a legislator freed from remand prison for staging a jobs demo in Harare last month, the MDC leader said no amount of arrests will deter the youths’ demand for jobs.

The party activists were arrested after staging the demo at a time regional leaders were meeting for a Sadc summit in Victoria Falls.

They include MDC MP Ronia Bunjira, Youth of Zimbabwe for Transparency and Progress member Danmore Tshuma, Bridget Nyandoro, Stanley Manyenga, Stewarty Gwebe, Unnete Chibinya and Keith Charumbira, a pastor of Holy Nations Ministries based in Mabvuku.

“Mugabe may put us in jail but he can never put the spirit of the people for freedom in jail, he can’t do that,” Tsvangirai said boldly at his Harvest House headquarters yesterday.

“Ultimately, when we are all in jail, I think we will all be safe but I don’t know whether we will have ever enough food.”

The former premier implored all MDC activists to participate in the struggle to address the deepening economic meltdown.

“As the nation faces this challenging national crisis, it is incumbent upon us, activists, members of the MDC, in participating in trying to find a solution. Kutarisa chete hakubatsiri (Just looking will not help),” the former premier said.  He urged youths to participate in any demonstration for the right cause.

“I just want to say thank you very much for the sacrifice, let’s hope that when workers are demonstrating, when the vendors are demonstrating, when students are demonstrating, when the poor and the women and the youth are demonstrating for rightful causes, we have to participate,” he said.

“But of course, hapana (there is no) struggle isina (without) sacrifice, ndokunowuya (that’s where) heroism yacho (comes from),” Tsvangirai added.

Last month, Tsvangirai warned that he was withdrawing the call for dialogue with Mugabe, and is now focusing on mobilising the people to confront the government.

“We are drawing a line in the sand and we shall pressurise and mobilise the people because those who claim to be in charge have not demonstrated any desire and commitment to solve the pressing national issues.

“They have become bystanders while the country burns,” Tsvangirai said. After meeting Tsvangirai, the activists declared that they would continue fighting.

“We have to take the struggle forward. They tried to harass us in jail but we refused and told them that we know our rights. Our spirits will never be broken,” said Bunjira, one of the activists.


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    The Mind Boggles 6 years ago

    Brave fellows I admire you

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    protestor 6 years ago

    I hope those who voted for the continuation of these circumstances will live to see to see their offspring suffer because of their actions on July 31 2013 Nikuv or no Nikuv

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    Why do people vote for ZANU PF anyway? No jobs, no electricity, no jobs, no adequate water supplies, no healthcare, no freedom of speech, police brutality…Anyone?

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    WeMatongo 6 years ago

    Aluta Continua, Vakatozoisungirira nyika iya kuti tigonoisunungurawo. Ma O Vets taurai tikunzweika hee takaifira nyika iyi……heyo yava mamvemve. pokubata chaipo hapachina. Mark my words beware the ides of March…..bob akadonha nekumawere kwaava uku tinoiona ngwindo ngwindo. Vangani vaviri chaivo vanonyatsowirirana chero mumafriction acho iwawo. Tumari tuye twavaitora zvichinzi director we parastatal yakati anohora $200 000 ivo nehweseri vomuviga vonoitora vomusiira salary yake chaiyo $2 500 zhinji vovaraidza maGreen Bomber akawandisa neyusi yachipera manje, Hono yomukono haichiko kuRBZ kumapepa emari…..moita sei. China China China mamhanya nhava inodzoka ne mweya….tsvimbo yoremera mudenga. Itongei tione

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    Mr Tsvangirai have you gone bongers. You went into the election on your party manifesto, why do you want to force Zanu PF to fulfil its own manifesto. Did you vote for Zanu PF to demand what it promised you? This is very aquad indeed. Vembama hezvoko. Saka munoenderei kuCongress kana nuchimirira vaMugabe kuti vazadzise zvinangwa. Dzokai kumusha makatinyarari apa.

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    farai 6 years ago

    He failed to change government policy when he was in power. Now out of power. he wants to change policy through job demos, he will fail again. its in his DNA.

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    gukurahundi (GNB/jukwa) 6 years ago

    tsvangirai dont give up my HERO….VIVA MORGAN VIVA

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    Che'guevara 6 years ago

    Nhai farai, saka ane DNA yokugona ndiani? Otherwise if we ask you to define the term DNA you have no clue. What are you personally doing or have done to better things in this burning nation. We dont need people who just criticise for the sake of it.

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    Das Reich 6 years ago

    tsvangirai and other mdc leaders should not just stop at inciting youths at rallies to continue with demonstrations; they should walk the talk and stand in solidarity with the youths in the streets of the city centre.tsvangirai and crew should take a leaf from martin luther king who demonstrated with the people,arm in arm,in the streets of major US cities!

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    Tozvirevakupiko 6 years ago

    MT seeking relevance? Politics is a dirty ‘game’.

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    Phunyukabemphethe 6 years ago

    Struggling to remain relevant. What a useless fool!!