Uhuru celebrations meaningless: Mapfumo

via Uhuru celebrations meaningless: Mapfumo – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 16, 2015

CHIMURENGA music guru Thomas Mapfumo says the 35th Independence celebrations on Saturday are nothing but a farce under the current biting socio-economic hardships bedevilling in Zimbabwe.

The United States-based self-exiled musician urged the Zanu PF government to stop being selfish and practice responsible leadership to rescue the country from further sliding into total economic collapse.

“Our leaders must listen to the masses. They need to collaborate with them and stop chasing personal luxuries and foreign travel when the ordinary people are failing to access the basics,” Mapfumo said.

“Without such basics, the concept of national Independence could be a farce because only the apex of the social pyramid is benefiting from the fruits of Independence. To the suffering masses, Independence Day has just become another calendar date.”
He said while the liberation struggle was fought for social, political and economic transformation, it was regrettable that the majority of the people continued to enjoy only flag Independence.

“We have shocking levels of unemployment, corruption, poverty and widening inequality. If you are rich you enjoy far more rights,” Mapfumo said.

“You have probably been getting even richer since 1980, you own a nice house, you send your children to overseas schools and universities, you are cared for in the best private hospitals and abroad.”

Added the musician: “If, however, you are poor, unemployed or a low-paid casual worker, you have the legal right to all these things. But you do not actually enjoy any of them. You are most likely to be a little better off or even worse off than in 1980.”
Through his music, Mapfumo has condemned oppression, corruption and poor governance among a lot of ills that have escalated since Independence to date.

Meanwhile, the former Vice-President Joice Mujuru has joined the long list of people who have expressed reservations over the current
socio-economic and political situation in the country.
“What Independence celebrations can you talk about in 2015 with what is happening?” she said.


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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    Read Robert Ruark’s book the title is “Uhuru” written in the 1950’s he predicted this mess and the thanks he got was a swift boot out of East Africa for his efforts!!!!
    You reap what you sow!!!!

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Our African problem is we don’t learn from our mistakes. Instead we compound them.

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    Svosve 8 years ago

    I believe that Mugabe, as a former teacher, strongly believes that Zimbabwe is a primary school class that can not challenge its teacher! The teacher has striong power on it and can not dispense with/her! Liberation War was fought by everyone so that Zimbos can rule themselves and not for one man to do this to the country.