Vice President preaches unity

via Vice President preaches unity | The Herald November 21, 2015

VICE PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday hailed First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe for bringing zanu-pf members together at a historic Women’s League rally in Mberengwa and urged the party to remain united.

In a vote of thanks after the Women’s League secretary Amai Mugabe’s speech, VP Mnangagwa said unity was key to success and that no enemy could penetrate a united party.

“We want to thank you mambokadzi (queen) for visiting the (Midlands) province,” he said. “You have brought the party together in Midlands at a historic event here at Mataga. We have been gathering here, but today’s gathering is a unique one.

“I have never seen such a huge crowd gathering here. May you continue with your good work. You have brought us food to eat, farming equipment, clothes and above all, the good message.”

VP Mnangagwa said zanu-pf was a people’s party and no one had a right to personalise it.

He said all people were free to be part of the party because it accommodated everyone.

“zanu-pf is for the young and old, short and tall, rich and poor, witches and Christians and everyone else,” said VP Mnangagwa. “No one can claim to personalise zanu-pf, trying to put it into your own pocket. That is not possible.”

VP Mnangagwa said unity was key to success.

“If we are united, no evil can come among us,” he said. “Nothing will be able to separate us. Here in Mberengwa, we are united and may you (Amai Mugabe) take the good news to the President. Tell him that we are a united party here.

“We must work together in unity for the development of the nation. As you all know, we are our own liberators. We left for the war and we liberated this country through unity. We can still build our own nation together.”

VP Mnangagwa said there was nothing wrong with the First Lady handing over to the masses tractors, part of the farm equipment sourced from Brazil under the More-Food Africa programme, on behalf of the President.

He said the MDC-T opposed the idea in Parliament under a wrong impression that Amai Mugabe was donating the equipment when she was merely handing them over to the people.

“The tractors we have here came from Brazil,” said VP Mnangagwa. “We were troubled in Parliament by the MDC-T members who were failing to appreciate the difference between handing over equipment and actually donating.

“MDC members threatened to take the matter up questioning why the First Lady should be allowed to distribute Government equipment. They said she was donating them. But I said no, there is a difference between donating and handing over a donation.

“She is the First Lady of this country. It was the President’s idea to source the tractors for his people and if he decides to send his wife to handover the equipment to the people, there is no problem with that,” VP Mnangagwa said to applause.


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    Tafunuka 7 years ago

    Irony! Munangagwa. If what you are saying is the status of the party would there be people first. Did they run away from the party? You know it very well Chibga kuti ZANU PF is in Gushungos pocket and you said it knowingly kuti you were trying to nock the message into GIRE’S head that she must not behave as if ZANU is in here pocket.

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    amina 7 years ago

    Mnangagwa is a crocodile, and he seem to be polishing his arsenal for an eminent strike. Grace drew battle lines with him, he came and preach peace, its it true peace or he is laying in wait for a strike while everyone is unaware. As far as I recall, Mnangagwa and Mugabe never forgives. Chamisa trigger him in parliament, you will see what will happen to him, either before year falls or definitely before 2018, Grace will bask in the sunlight until early 2016.