War vets demand govt, Zanu PF fix economy

via War vets demand govt, Zanu PF fix economy – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 26, 2015

War veterans yesterday demanded that government and the ruling Zanu PF should immediately find ways to fix the ailing economy to save the country from collapse.


They said the country was struggling despite being endowed with vast natural resources.

Zimbabwe National War Veterans’ Business Association chairman Endy Mhlanga told a media briefing in Harare that officials in key positions in Zanu PF should not sit idle, but take a leading role in turning the economy around.

“As war veterans of Zimbabwe, we have seen it necessary to comment on the dwindling economy. It is of paramount importance that we seek rebranding,” Mhlanga said.

“It is necessary that the government and ruling party Zanu PF adheres to the principles of the Look East policy. There is abundance of resources here in Zimbabwe, but we wonder why we are failing to have our economy moving forward.”

He blamed the economic problems on several factors, among them corruption.

“There are many factors surrounding that issue, and some of them are corruption which should be dealt with. We urge the President (Robert Mugabe) to touch on that,” he said.

The generality of citizens in Zimbabwe are struggling to sustain themselves due to a deteriorating economy.

Mhlanga added that there was need for co-operation among key ministries such as Finance, Mining and Agriculture in order for them to work in implementation of the Zanu PF-pioneered Look East policy.

The war veterans’ group said they were interested in assessing whether key ministries were performing to expectations.

“We are going to take it upon ourselves to request for their progress. Perhaps it is going to be monthly because these issues need teamwork. We are not going to sit idle,” he said.

Mhlanga said Western countries were never barred from trading with Zimbabwe, adding they were free to conduct business with the country.

On mining claims, he said government should take back the claims being held for speculative purposes.

Mhlanga said the country must be wary of cheap investors who did not add value to the economy.

The war veterans also proposed that they should be allowed to venture into business in order to make meaningful contributions to the economy.


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    R Judd 8 years ago

    So called “war veterans” are one of the prime drivers of economic destruction in this country.

    Mhlanga if you want to help, disband your organisation and stay out of national affairs altogether. You and your friends are poison

  • comment-avatar
    spiraklx 8 years ago

    Yep. Cos just demanding people fix things for you always works. Ask any 2 year old having a tantrum.

  • comment-avatar
    Jono Austin 8 years ago

    The warvets were instrumental in ruining the economy. They invaded companies. Now they cry! How stupid are these people? Not only warvets but Zanu politicians and supporters. Do they have brains or is it just sadza in their thick skulls? I am going to call them sadza brains from now on.

  • comment-avatar
    grabmore 8 years ago

    Maybe Mhlanga can comment on the 98% disability all these 30 year old “war veterans” received huge pay outs for. Where is the audit of that blatant scam???

  • comment-avatar
    Fallenz 8 years ago

    Excellent points all.

    Corruption has ruined Zim for a lifetime. As long as corruption is tolerated, Zim will continue to sink into its primitive roots… and “The Party” has been the key to the corruption. Satan smiles as he awaits their arrival.

    It wasn’t a revolution, it was a bank robbery in disguise.

  • comment-avatar

    Welol, well, well . . . when the whore vets start complaining about Zanooo you know things are serious! LOL

  • comment-avatar
    mandevu 8 years ago

    Oh dear, this is just so comical – but also quite sad that this is what these people really beleive

  • comment-avatar
    aminab 8 years ago

    War veterants mistakes thaT strongly contributed to the suffering
    1. During the war they allowed tribalism to flourish leading to zipra splitting to zipra and zanla ndebele and shonas
    2.The war veterans supported mugabe who they did not know in terms of leadership a head of Nkomo tried and tested leader
    3. They pressurised Mugabe to ward them the 500000 unbudgeted
    4. The war veterans claimed un warranted compensation milking the country finances and that created unnecessary tax payers.
    5. The war veterans prop loosing Mugabe in all past elections and tha affected investor confidence. FDI was adversely affected their clueless mugabe started to since he realised that he could no longer win fairly. The only way is to buy support of security chiefs and only way is to indear them to him. War veterans never complained
    7. War veterans kept mugabe despit loosing in 2008 and that led to further suffering as many companies and investors totally lost confidence in the democratic process claimed
    8. The 2013 elections rigged left and right war veterans kept qu Mujuru the only voice was silence and Mugabe is now like a God in Zimbabwe
    9 war veterans created a monister with their unfound partriotism

  • comment-avatar
    gonzo 8 years ago

    The war veterans also proposed that they should be allowed to venture into business in order to make meaningful contributions to the economy.who is stopping them they got money years ago to do that but spent it on beer and sex people with no brain never get on with it just blame others.Dont cry you a big part of the problem s–t for brains

  • comment-avatar
    Johnny K 8 years ago

    The Whore Vets are no longer ZANU PF Chefs?? Most of these parasitic ministers call themselves War Vets. Just pure Mbava whores.

  • comment-avatar
    Exodus 8 years ago

    Good luck to you ma war vets. Nothing will change with these idiots in power, in fact you helped keep them in power. The best for any Zimbabwean is try and leave the country, it’s the only solution, (exodus, movement of Jah people). Revolution the only other option, will just be death to thousands of our people by ZanuPF. They are evil, murdering, thieving, destroying thugs. Zims is dead.

  • comment-avatar
    Yayano 8 years ago

    “proposed that they should be allowed to venture into business in order to make meaningful contributions to the economy.” Are they suggesting that they are not allowed to venture into business.
    That would be absurd. Surely noone can stop them from setting up their own businesses like everybody else.