Weakness of Opposition Parties

via Weakness of Opposition Parties | The Zimbabwean 09 September 2014

If Zanu (PF) looks firmly in control it is not out of popularity but rather the lack of strong political opposition. Morgan Tsvangirai is in the press, attempting to defend his continued occupation of the government mansion in Highlands, 13 months after leaving office. Despite his evident life of luxury, Tsvangirai claims Zanu (PF) has ‘created conditions that have made us all poor.’ If MDC-T wants to show the masses a different kind of leadership – one not of self enrichment – Tsvangirai should consider vacating the mansion.

Exit ‘poor’ Tsvangirai and enter Lovemore Madhuku, with his egg throwing suggestion.

‘Citizens should take eggs to consultative meetings and throw them at authorities suggesting draft bills which do not comply with people’s expectations as reflected in the constitution,’ said Madhuku.

Once we have citizens assaulting politicians with eggs, there will be nothing to stop them from tossing rocks and, soon, Molotov cocktails. If anybody took him seriously, he might have faced charges of inciting violence.

Madhuku also disregards the fact that eggs are a luxury food item in this country, with only the privileged minority having the means to add them to their shopping trolley. In Harare, the lucky few who have jobs can be seen slowly cycling or making the long walk to and from work, between the CBD and places as far as Kuwadzana – a 20km journey – for lack of 50 cents kombi fare. For Madhuku to suggest that we buy eggs at $5 a tray – to throw at fat cat politicians, not to eat – is clear indication that he is not in touch with the masses.


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    This is 100%correct. If I could take each opposition leader and his/her executive I would shake them until a drop of common sense, wisdom and humility falls into them. What a motely bunch of has beens and selfish power hungry people. Where is the laying down of your lives for your people and for your nation. I am disgusted. Every second day some daydreamer starts up a new party whilst the existing one separate and split faster than an amoeba. It is pathetic. Show me one man-just one man- with true leadership abilities???? How heartbreaking this is for us ordinary Zimbabweans. From 31st July 2013 came my final lesson in how NOT to trust man. God only will I trust!

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    This tells us Madhuku and his party are still learning the first steps into mature politics. What a pity.

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    Mscynic 8 years ago

    Bennett Kay Cross Coltart where are you?

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    The opposition is ” too academic ” and polite for sure . Pamberi mob justice and y.o.z.a. ( youth of Zimbabwe arise ) and a few fearsome martyrs will get the job done. Stuff the basically cowardly CIO zrp zna riot goons. They will flee

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    Are these two the only oppositions? What about Biti, Welshman, Gwisai, Makoni and Dabengwa? They are not different. Biti’s spokesperson said their,mission is to correct or give advice to Zanupf. Welshman firmly believed that Ndebeles would vote for him thanks to Zanupf’s moral support in 2013 but alas. Then that was it.Gwisai cannot give hope or threat to anyone as his ideas are not simple enough for every suffering Zimbabwean to understand. It could have been effective during the cold war era but now its whatever. Makoni is like a desperate mouse in a small rural hut running to whatever space there is with no convincing message for the people. Dabengwa seems to perpetually suffer from the effects of strategies that went wrong in the 70s trying to solve the current problems by historical recounts totally irrelevent to today’s scenario. Hence Zanupf has the luxury to fight amongst itself because really there is no threat from anyone.

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    Bazur Wa KuMuzi I wish politicians would read this forum. That is one of the most unbiased mature statement I have heard here.

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    julius 8 years ago

    Maduku in so little words is right the reason why ZANU is in control is no one has the guts to challenge them eggs are cheap one to stone a misfiring politician will not hurt or kill you letts show them by openly talking that we a fed up lets talk not only parties but citizents as well.