Wheat production falls

via Wheat production falls | The Herald August 7, 2015

The Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (ZCFU) says at least 32 000 tons of winter wheat is expected to be produced this season, a sharp decline from 58 000 metric tons produced last year.

ZCFU president Mr Wonder Chabikwa told New Ziana wheat production was declining because farmers had abandoned the crop due to viability challenges.

“We managed to put only 8 000 hectares of land under wheat and we are expecting to produce at least 32 000 metric tonnes,” he said.

“We are seeing a decline in the crop this year meaning we will depend on imports. Costs of inputs and borrowing are very high as compared to international prizes, hence we cannot be competitive,” he added.

“However, in the absence of the Grain Market Board (GMB), buyers are offering an import parity price which is very low and with the current situation farmers are likely not going to be able to finance themselves next season,” he said.

Mr Chabikwa called on the government to capacitate the GMB to enable it to purchase wheat from farmers so that they can raise capital for the next season.

He said despite the small hectarage, the crop was doing well.

“The crop is doing very well. The power utility has improved supply and we have agreed that we have four days of uninterrupted energy and they are sticking to that,” he added.

Zimbabwe produced 33 700 metric tonnes of wheat in 2012 and 39 200 metric tons in 2013. — New Ziana.


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    ntaba 7 years ago

    This cannot be true. Scoones and Made are creating a world surplus of food in Zimbabwe. Dr. Grace is a world leader in agriculture now. Since they destroyed the farms in the country the economy is now booming. They write articles about this all the time and are awarded more and more titles, doctorates and professorships. Soon they will need to be consultants to the EU and the USA.