Zanele’s lesson to Moyo – and gift to Zim

via Zanele’s lesson to Moyo – and gift to Zim – New Zimbabwe 23/10/2015

HIGHER education minister Jonathan Moyo’s pain was palpable Friday as he laid his daughter, Zanele, to rest at Glen Forest in Harare.

But the tragic Zanele’s profound and enduring gift, to Zimbabwe likely, is probably the lesson she taught her father with her untimely passing.

“We’re all God’s people no matter whatever titles or stations in life,” Moyo said in his graveside address.

“I saw that this was a reminder of the truth that many have always known that they live every day. For others and myself, this was a profound lesson.”

Moyo is a combative, unapologetic and, some would say, hard-hearted defender of President Robert Mugabe’s regime which is accused of gross human rights abuses.

As a politician, Moyo gives no quarter, knows no empathy and is often dismissive of the losses of others, especially rivals.

Quite recently, Moyo said of the disappeared human rights activist Itai Dzamara that “people disappear everyday”, clearly unconcerned about the long missing campaigner’s hurting wife and little children.

But speaking as a suffering father on Friday, Moyo was more embracing of others, saying his daughter had taught him that “all people are God’s children”.

“I found myself renewing my own faith and presenting myself to the Lord because of the power of the messages from the pastors.

“The message shall be a part of me for as long as I live.”

Zanele, aged 20, was found dead in her off-campus apartment in South Africa. She was a second year student at the University of South Africa.

The cause of death remains unclear with South African authorities having reportedly said results of toxicology tests would not be available for five years.

Moyo expressed his gratitude for the support the family received from Zimbabweans over the tragedy.

“I thank President Mugabe, Cabinet Ministers and everyone for your support throughout the week especially upon our return with the body of my dear angel daughter on Wednesday.”

His Kenyan wife Beatrice added: “We’ve left our children to be brought up by technology when we the parents are there.

“In Kenya, (her home country) it was everyone’s responsibility to bring up a child, but now we choose to label children and blame the parents instead of disciplining them.

“We are losing our children because of that.”

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa also visited the family at its Harare home and offered his sympathies.

“Zanele aspired to be a lawyer and work for Zimbabwe,” he said.

“As parents we inspire to educate our children. Now when death takes away the young? It shows that whenever we are, no matter what age, death can come according to the will of God.”


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    so zanelle has remindered the prophessor about dzamara

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    amina 7 years ago

    The lesson that I thought Moyo learnt was that if Mugabe’s government had not ruined the education system of Zimbabwe, then there would have been need for tragic of Zanele to have occurred. She would have been at on of the universities in Zimbabwe, receiving best education in the South Africa and perhaps best in Africa, but the like of Moyo are so blind. Well the lesson of death is learnt everyday, my question is what is Moyo and his family think of many that are dying from unknown ills simply because they can not stay in Zimbabwe after they have ruined the country.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago

    Yatebuka Debele! Madebele ngayezele ngekunyalala. Ndzimu ngabe nanwi.

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    May the child’s soul rest in peace. Think of the not less than 20000 victims of Gukurahundi, the murambatsvina deaths, the disppearances of innocent citizens and those that simply die due to ZANU’s arrogance. The only lesson one can learn is that ZANU is evil and must go if our children are to live. We do not need to have our children in the diaspora to do basic courses that on offer in almost all colleges locally. The point is that our people should be enabled to stay home and learn at home until they are mature. This tragedy reflects what is wrong with this country. May the poor child’s soul rest in peace.

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    so if she aspired to work for zim what then was she looking for in south africa, she should have been studying in zim. dont we have universities here.her father is the minister of higher education and a lecturer of that matter

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    Msizeni silwelani 7 years ago

    ‘People disappear everyday’, ‘people are murdered everyday in S.A.’ Any contrast or comparison of the two statements only reveal anger engulfing the Zimbabwe community. The facts are Moyo stays at home sending his children abroad for a better education, in fact his entire family resides abroad, our kith and kin are exiled toiling to send money home for their kids to attend school. He last saw his daughter three months back while our brothers and sisters have not seen theirs for years. They indeed are raising them through technology. At least Moyo was able to bury his angel at home so he should let her rest in peace and think about those who were unable to bury their loved ones due to the oppressive system at home. Some have never been discovered or never declared dead. Hopefully the lesson he learnt will push him to try and curb a system that forever seeks to create disjointed families. I rest my case.

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    mafirakureva 7 years ago

    Welcome to the real world Prof. Moyo.Nematambudziko

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    “The cause of death remains unclear with South African authorities having reportedly said results of toxicology tests would not be available for five years.”

    Surely, some mistake there?

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    What if it had been Mugabes daughter …? People ,an eye for eye, tooth for tooth, child for child is a highway to barbarism.

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    Dr Kuraivanavevhu 7 years ago

    Sad to hear a response like “people disappear everyday”, when a father, son, husband, fellow human being, fellow Zimbabwean, is abducted. If I was equally heartless, I would have said “people die everyday”, but no……Zanele is God’s child and I mourn with the Moyos. Difference of political opinion is healthy and does not render one an enemy. Indeed, let this be a lesson, for too many have died in Zimbabwe needlessly…….not killed by Ian Smith this time, but at the hands of our own liberators. My heart bleeds. Cry, the beloved country. A lesson indeed!

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    mukorekoreTavara 7 years ago

    Though I’m not Moyos fan, my sympathy and heartfelt condolences go to him and his familly

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    I feel pity for those who are still anti-Jona Moyo. Moyo has repented and his heart is renewed. Moyo confessed with his mouth that he now knows regardless of who you are, people are the same. That was a very powerful sentence. What more do people want. Usizi loxolo mahlabezulu.

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    koggjj 7 years ago

    waida kuti zviitirwe ani jona,dont worry pple dissappear everyday.even in kenya ask yo gracca