Zanu PF chairperson joins MDC-T

via Zanu PF chairperson joins MDC-T – Southern Eye

ZANU PF Gokwe Town Centre chairperson Innocent Choto, who for 13 years had allegedly tormented opposition supporters, has defected to the MDC-T.


Choto announced his decision to cross the floor at an MDC-T rally in Mbizo over the weekend.

“I have been a member of the party since 1986 as a leader of the youth. I then moved to become chairperson of the main wing in Zanu PF for 13 years and during that time I used to disturb the activities of the MDC from mere supporters to its president,” Choto said as he shed tears.

Choto claimed he was used to rigging polls in favour of Zanu PF by ensuring that he registered even dead people to vote in general elections.

“I have been at the centre of the Zanu PF rigging machinery in Gokwe. I would take IDs of dead people and place them on the voters’ roll. After that I would make sure that those dead people vote. This has been my legacy with Zanu PF and when I think of the things I used to do, I cry,” he said.

The opposition has always argued the voters’ roll is compromised in favour of Zanu PF and are currently boycotting the by-elections demanding electoral reforms.

The MDC-T has in the past been accusing Choto of being behind the torture and disappearance of its supporters, especially during the bloody 2008 polls which saw hundreds of opposition supporters being displaced by political violence.

“I used to disturb all the activities and some of the things I used to do bring me to tears,” he said.

“I have awoken from my slumber because after years of waiting for the promised land, all I have received is pain because in Zanu PF they feed themselves and chase away those who open their eyes.”

MDC-T vice-chairperson Morgan Komichi welcomed Choto saying his party was the big tent which was prepared to work with its former tormentors to improve the future of Zimbabwe.


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    mark longhurst 7 years ago

    there is only one option, go to jail for your misdemeanors and report every corrupt action…the people of zim do not want a criminal in their team.

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    His a CIO MDC are stupid

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      @K: Yes, countryman you may know his background to be such, even many others in MDC could be aware of it, if indeed, your claim is true. But, it’s also true that even a diehard CIO still has potential to open their nose & smell the coffee.

      I hope you will appreciate that all the might works attributed to the biblical Paul may be wouldn’t have happened if those would had known his past, as Soul the notorious tormenter of Christians, refused to give him benefit of doubt. What is key is for MDC not to let off their guard against such individuals till they are totally convinced that the guyz have indeed seen light as they proclaim.