Zanu PF does not represent us

via Zanu PF does not represent us – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 9, 2015

ZANU PF neither represents us young progressive Zimbabweans nor can they ever create the future we want.

Vince Musewe

I was utterly embarrassed and somewhat incensed at some Foreign Affairs official former Zimbabwe ambassador to the UN Chitsaka Chipaziwa who saw it necessary to take a potshot at his hosts at the American National Day function last week. It looked pitiful as it was clear to me that his body language was not in line with the words that he been told to use at the function.

This “gentleman” saw it fit to say Zimbabwe does not need any aid from America while Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa is busy appealing for food aid from the very same people.


He had the audacity to claim that we as a country at 35 are doing just fine compared to the United States democracy which is 239 years old. A colleague of mine laughed at this and said that at least we now know where we are going with Zanu PF, we must wait another 204 years!

It was really inspiring to be at the event and to witness a country that has dedicated and organised its people and institutions to pursue and protect the freedom of its citizens at all costs. Of course they have issues, but it need not take us 204 years to get there. We want it now and we can definitely do it despite Zanu PF’s views.

It got me thinking that, despite the commendable work being done by the US in assisting Zimbabwe in various fields, this government is angry at them and continues to blame sanctions and some regime change agenda.

What gets to me is that we the taxpayers of Zimbabwe actually pay the salaries and for the benefits of these government officials and yet they must continuously spew the sanctions and regime change garbage each time they are given an opportunity to speak.

Pity the speech wasn’t in a closed room or I would have walked out.

My utmost apology from progressive Zimbabweans like myself goes to Ambassador BruceWharton and his team who are doing all they can to make a differenceto Zimbabwe and its people despite the challenges.

Such rudeness and lack of candour does not reflect who we truly are!

It’s not only insulting and primitiveto insult your host, but it’s downright embarrassing to some of us who wish to really create a civilised and progressive Zimbabwe that focuses on country first and takes its responsibilities seriously.

Zanu PF has created Zimbabwean problems because of their thirst to keep political power at the cost of the country.

They have effectively rendered my generation unable to contribute and develop this country as we expected we would do 35 years ago.

As a result millions of my generation are scattered all over the world unable to build wealth for themselves in their motherland and for the country. That is serious condemnation.

Zanu PF does not represent many of us with regard to what we wish for this country. We want a Zimbabwe that has a responsible and ethical government that takes the responsibility of leading seriously.I am certainly glad the vendors are standing their ground and so must we all.

My honest view is that we dismissed Zanu PF from power in 2008 if not earlier because of their failure to create the Zimbabwe we imagine — that is all. This liberation struggle organisation can really never represent our aspirations and the future we want to see.

They have forced themselves onto us and it would be okay if they were running the country well, we would at least forgive them, but their clear incompetence peppered with entitlement and arrogance is a curse that continues to arrest our potential.

Their total failure to appreciate and comprehend the arrested potential of this country has surely made us the wretched of the earth. Yes, Zimbabwe has all it needs, but we cannot unlock that potential without access to development funding. Development funding is other people’s money because we spend more than we generate as a country.

Those other people have therefore every right to make their assistance to us conditional upon the basic principles of civilised developing societies who must protect private property, freedom of speech and association, respect the law and the constitution and treat their citizens with dignity.

In my opinion, there is nothing imperialistic or evil about that. In fact, that is exactly what we black
Zimbabweans want for our country.

It’s not an American or British agenda; it’s a people’s agenda!

Anyway, if there is anything that is now evident in the minds of the majority of Zimbabweans, it is that it is time to move from the past.

We will need to start afresh and write off the last 35 years as a bad experiment that we would all soon forget. We need a new breed of people in government and there are certainly out there waiting.

All we need are properly run elections that are free and fair to get there.

This is such a serious issue and this generation has an opportunity to change our history for the better and when some political opposition parties go to elections despite the fact that this is the only chance we have to put paid
to a dictatorship, I really get livid and have lost all respect for their leaders. In my opinion, they are not suitable to lead or create the Zimbabwe we want.

We got work to do!

Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare.You may contact him


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    Gomogranny 7 years ago

    And Vince…you say this is exactly what we “black” Zimbabweans want….and it is also exactly what this “white” Zimbabwean wants too….are we not ready to lose the racist distinctions Vince? Progressive Zimbabweans….

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    Vince, we white Zimbos also aspire for and want the basic priciples of civilised societies.

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    Tinomunamataishe 7 years ago

    It’s rather unfortunate that even people like Vince can be so tunnel focussed to suggest that ‘we black Zimbabweans’ as if they are the only Zimbabweans envisaging a better Zimbabwe.

    All Zimbabweans from all walks of life, from different backgrounds, colours and heritage would like a better Zimbabwe and different to one that Robert Mugabe and cohorts have concocted. This cannot be narrowed down to a particular race or tribe and this kind of discrimination will only be retrogressive.

    I hope Vince in his future writings is up to speed with that or he will simply be dismissed as just another racist in the ilk of Robert Mugabe and buddies.

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    Petros Magomazi 7 years ago

    I really wish everything was either black or white, but the reality is that it is always a mixture of both, albeit in different proportions.Even the most callous of people have some inkling of positive humanity in them.
    It will be wrong to praise and acknowledge the positive efforts by one sector of the US without acknowledging the negative efforts of yet another US sector. One of the reasons why Zimbabwe is not doing well is because of the sanctions inposed by the US. At this point having seen the effects thereof, it would be fallacious to suggest that the sanctions are targetted at individuals and therefore have no effect on the economy. That argument is no longer sustainable, even Takura Chingonzo managed to convince President Obama. I spoke to a friend of mine who happens to be an Auditor with one of the big audit firms. He said that most of the companies that have folded were affected didrectly or indirectly by sanctions. Companies that did business with EU or American companies could not collect money from these companies successfully because of the financial restrictions placed on all US aligned banks and financial institutions. They have instructions to block all funds to or from Zimbabwe. This has affected industries in a real way. So for all the good they are doing in Zimbabwe, they must seriously consider removing the sanctions. They are not serving any purpose at all, regime change or otherwise. So why keep them!!

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    BetterZim 7 years ago

    I honestly believe what Vince is pointing at is that ZANU PF and it’s nonagenarian leader have always painted a picture of our fellow white brothers and sisters, whether Zimbabwean or not as imperialistic, so him saying “that is exactly what we black Zimbabweans (whom ZANU PF think they actually represent) want for our country” actually implies we are in agreement with our fellow brothers and sisters, especially the whites who have been advocating for these basic principles before many of us realized what they were calling for as blacks.

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    Petros you are missing the point. Sanctions or not, black or white besides, Zanupf does not represent the majority of Zimbabweans and is now obsolete. They must go and until they do, Zimbabwe will remain impoverished and there will be no future here for progressives. By the way Zanupf has destroyed Zimbabwe and blaming US sanctions is neither logical nor accepted by tginking people. We know the cause and it is irrefutable. Zanupf is bankrupt and nothing good will come from it.

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    Petros Magomazi 7 years ago

    Hi Dave,
    I am not a Zanu PF supporter by the way. I am a person who tries to apply his mind to issues. I am not under an illusions though as I am mindful of divergent views. My considered opinion is that you cannot wish Zanu Pf away, principally because they have been winning the elections and are the governing party as we speak. I know that some will say they rigged and so forth, but the reality is that they are ruling and that if any election was to be called today they will still win.
    Needless to say, brushing away the effect of sanctions shows deep ignorance of how global economics work. Those sanctions were applied to have an effect and they have proved effective to the extent that Zim cannot grow at all. Further, if you look at the actions of the EU and US on the issue of Diamonds, you can see their ill intentions. Instead of allowing Zim to trade on the legal market they decided to label them blood diamonds, forcing Zim to sell the diamonds on the black market.In the end, the economy did not benefit as much as it would have had Zim been allowed to trade on the open market which has higher prices and transparency. My take is that, that is exactly what the EU and US wanted; to stop the economy from benefiting. So as much as we can blame Zim or Zanu PF, there are real issues outside Zim that are also affecting the economy.

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      Fallenz 7 years ago

      Petros, those diamonds are so labeled because of the blood that is spilled to gain control of the diamond riches by a very few. This is allowed by the government because those very few are also in control of the government.

      How can you say the sanctions harm the nation? Those directed sanctions are in place in an attempt to punish those who are responsible for so much harm to the Zimbabwean people.

      All kinds of investment opportunities exist, but because of the high-level thefts of previous investment funds, those who wish to profit honestly by making those international investments do not dare take such risks. That would be throwing good money after bad, and those investment folks are not stupid.

      It is even difficult for international AID funds to be properly distributed because your ZANU-PF buddies take it for themselves. These truths are self-evident, and attempting to deny it won’t change truth.

      No, those sanctions were well-earned by the Zim elite who have sucked Zim dry in order to become mega-rich while doing nothing to help the nation.

      Yes, by your words you have proven to be a ZANU-PF supporter, and unable to place blame where it lives.

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    Petros Magomazi 7 years ago

    Hi Fallenz,

    The truth is that I would not shed a tear if the sanctions were affecting the so-called targetted individuals. It is self evident that any thoughtful person would know better that you cannot sanction a president or cabinet minister as they will use state resources to subvert the effects of the sanctions. So indirectly and by operation of the doctrine of unintended consequences the so-called targetted sanctions are in the end affecting the people.

    Needless to say that the sanctions are packaged as being targetted at individuals but surprisingly companies like the fertiliser company that I will not name have lost millions to the US department that executes ZDERA. I will not mention another company that lost US$16 m to the same department. That resulted in the company and all the other companies that it had subcontracted folding operations.

    Your desire to punish Mugabe and Zanu PF should not get the better of sound judgment. Needless to say that such a motivation almost always has disappointing outcomes.

    If you want to punish Zanu PF, the simple solution is to win the next election!!!