Zanu PF faction wants Mugabe out, Gumbo

via Zanu PF faction wants Mugabe out, Gumbo 01 September 2014

A TOP Zanu PF official has sensationally accused a rival faction of engaging in the treacherous enterprises of forcing regime change in the country, a charge the ruling party has over the years levelled at the Morgan Tsvangirai-led opposition.

Zanu PF has successfully pilloried Tsvangirai as a runner for former coloniser Britain which, according to President Robert Mugabe, is keen to force regime change in Harare and, hopefully, reverse controversial programmes such as the land reform and indigenisation of foreign companies.

But the party’s spokesman, Rugare Gumbo, claimed Monday that senior officials in Mugabe’s own Zanu PF were now trying to topple the veteran leader who turned 90 this year.

“We have always known that there is a regime change agenda in place, only this time it is being pushed by our own people under the guise of loving President Mugabe,” Gumbo said in a statement.

“This is unacceptable behaviour, which smacks of deceit and a very high level of wickedness.”

Zanu PF has traditionally managed to put internal divisions aside and unite in the face of a strong external threat but with Tsvangirai gravely weakened after last year’s crushing election defeat and his MDC-T effectively split in two the ruling party has now turned on itself.

Bitter factional fights over the succession of Mugabe – even as he insists he is not going anywhere until 2018, at least – have worsened in recent days in the lead-up to the party’s elective congress in December.

A faction rallying behind Vice-President Joice Mujuru has been on the back-foot, accused of running down the party as the parlous state of finances was exposed during the women and youth conferences and, more significantly, trying to block Mugabe’s wife Grace from taking up a seat in the politburo.

But Gumbo, a Mujuru loyalist, upped the stakes Monday by effectively claiming the rival group backing Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa was working on regime change while feigning public enthusiasm for Mugabe as the country’s life president.

Charged Gumbo: “Indeed we must all be wary of elements that feign love for President Mugabe and Zanu PF yet their real agenda is to divert President Mugabe’s attention from the core business of government in order to create problems for the party and for President Mugabe in 2018 when elections are due.”

Challenged by the Herald to name the officials, Gumbo refused, pointedly saying: “No I am not going to name them.”

However, he could not have been referring to members of his own faction.

Meanwhile, returning from a trip to China on Sunday, Mugabe hit out at attempts to block his wife, telling officials in Harare province opposed to Grace joining party structures there that they did not own the country’s capital.

“I heard someone sending my nephew to go and tell Mai Mugabe to leave Harare,” said Mugabe.

“I want to hear why she should leave Harare, going where? I would also want to know where the emperor of Harare got his powers from.”

Mugabe said he would call a politburo meeting this week to address the divisions but Gumbo warned the 90-year-old leader that some of his lieutenants where diverting his attention from pressing economic challenges in order to weaken his chances of re-election in 2018.

The Zanu PF leader has welcomed calls by the youth and women’s sections of the party to run for re-election in 2018, disappointing his impatient would-be successors.

“Zanu-PF won a historic five-year-mandate to address critical matters of national interest and that is what we should all focus on,” said Gumbo.

“Anyone who misdirects their focus to dwell on petty, narrow and immature politics is not only showing disrespect to President Mugabe who is genuinely determined to improve the welfare of the people — but is on the wrong side of history and should be ashamed of himself or herself.”


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    Getting rid of the dictator is only a first step in establishing a free society. The dictatorship must also be disassembled…
    George Ayittey

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    Yes Grace should leave Harare and go to either Chinhoi or Chivu. She must also leave Mazowe because she has turned Mazowe district into her personal property. The indigenous people of Mazowe have been displaced by Grace and this is unacceptable. MP Chasi is right and people of Mazowe must support his efforts. Grace is a predator in Mazowe district and as such she is very destructive. Mugabe has overstayed by any standard measure. Yes he must go to spare the nation of Zimbabwe further damage. Forward with regime change. Makore makumi mana ane mana munhu achivavarira kuti nyika iti bvucha pasi, ayiwa kwete.

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    Mutirowafanzawekwamuziti 8 years ago

    haa iye mudhara wacho seems to be losing the plot and nekamukadzi kake kamharapatsetsetse aka it gets worse bcz hakana vision yezvirimberi – life after mudhara haina kumira zvakanaka, saka dai kakangwara she wld stop creating enemies now for future support but manje she finds company in a crocodile camp unaware that once the croc is in the water she will form the first meal of the celebrations

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    Justice 8 years ago

    Gumbo the praise singer, doesn’t realise how stupid he looks, or maybe he is too scared of his fate if he stops?

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      Mukanya 8 years ago

      Justice- you can say that again and again
      The moron is deranged because of underground detention during the liberation struggle.

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    Mugabe was given a fine cloth and he has woven for us a garment of rags. All Zimbabwe want him out.

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    Grace can only go into exile after the collapse of this Mobutu style kleptocracy. I am certain that the time is nigh. Gumbo after being brought from poverty and oblivion has nothing to say which is sensible. Remember what happened to the Romanian president’s wife.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Gumbo should know that, it is not only a faction which wants Mugabe out. It is every Zimbabwean including his family. The problem with these ZPF idiots is that they want to out do each other in bootlicking and Jonathan is in the forefront. Are they not tired of Mugabe praise singing when he is busy destroying the country?