Zanu PF to blame for millions in SA

via Zanu PF to blame for millions in SA – New Zimbabwe 22/04/2015

ZANU PF is to blame for the millions of Zimbabweans who have skipped the country’s borders in search of better lives elsewhere due to the ruling party’s violent and chaotic rule, a former cabinet minister said.

An estimated 3 million Zimbabweans are said to be living and working abroad, mainly in South Africa, although government has constantly disputed the figure.

Commenting on the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa which have resulted in some 400 Zimbabweans being repatriated, former education minister David Coltart said Zanu PF must create a conducive environment for its citizens to return home.

At least seven people have been killed in three weeks of unrest in South Africa, the worst ethnic violence since 2008 when 62 people died, mainly in Johannesburg’s teeming townships.

“Whilst those who have perpetrated these horrors must urgently be brought to justice, we need to understand the root cause of the problem,” wrote Coltart on his official Facebook page.

“As far as Zimbabweans are concerned, the fact of the matter is that most Zimbabweans would never have gone to South Africa in the first place were it not for Zanu PF’s violent and chaotic rule.

“It follows that the only long term solution, as far as Zimbabweans living in South Africa are concerned, is for the Zimbabwe Government to get its act together to create an environment within Zimbabwe conducive for Zimbabweans to return home.

“That means that sensible economic policies, investment friendly economic policies, must be implemented; not the hostile, self-serving, policies which have chased away Zimbabwean entrepreneurs and foreign investors.”

Coltart posited that the low figures of those who opted for voluntary repatriation was partly due to fear of arbitrary arrests upon returning home.

“Many Zimbabweans living in South Africa FEAR coming home – they fear arbitrary arrest and being disappeared.

“That is why they would rather remain in South Africa, because for all the xenophobic attacks they still feel safer there than in Zimbabwe,” said Coltart.

Zimbabweans sought asylum in neighbouring countries citing harassment from Zanu PF although analysts said most are economic refugees.


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    Only Fools 7 years ago

    So all the earnings sent home from the Zimbabwean (illegal immigrants) will dry up!!! Leaving Zimbabwe more cash strapped than before. Nice one Mugabe!! Prick!