Zanu PF to bury MDC-T, Rhodes legacies on June 10: Kasukuwere

via Zanu PF to bury MDC-T, Rhodes legacies on June 10: Kasukuwere – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 13, 2015

Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere says the decision by the MDC-T not to participate in the 14 by-elections slated for June 10 has given an opportunity for the ruling party to “bury the opposition together with Cecil John Rhodes”.


In an interview with NewsDay over the weekend, Kasukuwere said the Morgan Tsvangirai-led opposition party was now headed for its political sunset and soon will be buried along with the architecture of British colonialism in Zimbabwe “Cecil John Rhodes”.

“All the MDCs are disintegrating and sinking into oblivion soon we shall bury them along with their master, Cecil John Rhodes. They are finished,” he said.

“Their decision is just a confirmation that they are headed for the gravesite near their king Rhodes because no chance will be given to them to resurrect in Harare and Bulawayo and any other centre in Zimbabwe.”

This came as MDC-T on Friday voted not to participate in the by-elections set for June 10 saying government should institute electoral reforms.

The by-elections in the 14 constituencies were created by MDC-T after recalling 21 MPs who rebelled against the party to form a splitter MDC Renewal Team project. Kasukuwere said the MDC should not “lie about reforms”, but instead should admit that they have lost support and were bound to lose the poll.

“What reforms are you talking about, they know the reality that they will lose the elections,” he said.

The boycott of the by-elections has presented an opportunity to Zanu PF to get seats in Bulawayo which had become a challenge since 2000.
It could also afford the ruling party to increase its presence in Harare, which had in the past been a stronghold for the MDC-T.

“We are not going to lose the seats easily in the near future. As I told you bro (ther), it’s finished for the MDC. We are taking them to Rhodes and we dig six feet down for that headless party,” he said.

However, Tsvangirai on Friday said that reforms would eventually be implemented whether President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF wanted or not.
“By the time we get to that (2018 elections) we would have reformed the country’s electoral laws,” Tsvangirai said.


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    R Judd 7 years ago

    Dear Saviour you sound so stupid. Please keep it up.

  • comment-avatar
    The Mind Boggles 7 years ago

    Stupid is not the word, more like the ramblings of an imbecile

  • comment-avatar
    grabmore 7 years ago

    Zimbabweans should ask 2 questions….

    1) How legitimate will it be if Zanu PF is contesting itself in these bi-elections?

    2) Looking at the calibre of the leadership above…. will they be able to turn around the economy?

  • comment-avatar

    The MDC would have been foolish to participate in these elections after having been rightly castigated left right and centre for taking part in the 2013 shambles.

    Besides, ZANU is running the show anyway, with parliament an irrelevant institution. “Honourable” members are just in there to loot while the masses starve.

    The commissar doesn’t realise that the writing is on the wall, with his party fighting itself to the death.

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    I agree with M D C decision let them have all the seats (rope) to hang themselves and they will not be able to blame anyone but themselves for the chaos that is surely coming.