Zanu PF Youth League in a housing scandal

via Zanu PF Youth League in a housing scandal – The Zimbabwe Independent May 22, 2015

THE Zanu PF youth league’s Harare province has been sucked into the Glen Norah Housing Consortium co-operatives scandal in which its members led by chairperson Godwin Gomwe are accused of extorting close to US$45 000 from the scheme under the pretext of protecting them from rogue party youths.

Glen Norah Housing Consortium is made up of 10 housing co-operatives comprising Mudadirwa Zvobgo Housing co-operative, National Railways of Zimbabwe, Tenzi Tinzwei, Archgrace and Ingoni, First Avenue, Springfield, Westgin, Pulmar Vision and Green Image.

Sources that are members of the co-operatives told the Zimbabwe Independent this week Gomwe and other youths have been extorting them of thousands of dollars ostensibly for stopping their colleagues from taking over the land that belongs to the consortium.

In a petition addressed to the Zanu PF provincial chairperson, Godwills Masimirembwa, members of the consortium said despite a High Court ruling in their favour Gomwe and other Zanu PF activists have been menacing them.

Reads the petition: “In February 2015 we were offered residential stands by the city of Harare. Following the allocation we embarked on the development of the stands. Development was stopped because of threats from the Zanu PF youths who claimed ownership of the land which we were offered by the city council.

“We reported the matter to the Southerton Police station where the officer commanding our district (Dispol) told us to go and sort ourselves without involving the police. We took the matter to the courts and a judgement was given in our favour but the youths continued to threaten us.

“After we failed to get assistance from police and the court ruling, the youths demanded money from our housing consortium so that we could start development. We then gave them the money which is in excess of US$45 000.”

In the petition, the consortium reports that the youths were first given US$25 000 in the presence of a Mr Chivasa, Moses Hansen and Mucheneripi Mupinda who is also known as “Ginya”.

“On the 25th of February two of our consortium chairmen Maxwell Mafa (Ingoni Housing Co-operative) and Richard Chiwaka (Pulmar Vision) went to Dolphin House to make a payment of US$10 000 which Gomwe said should be left at his office,” the petition said.

However, Gomwe denied the accusations saying members of the consortium are trying to tarnish his name and that of the party.

“Those people should come in the open and state where they gave me some money or how I have been involved in the land dealings,” Gomwe said. “Harare provincial members including our senior politburo member Cleveria Chizema are aware of this report but they asked these people to bring evidence.

“There is a court case over some portion of land which Local Government minister Ignatious Chombo said belonged to the Zanu PF youths and women, and not to the consortium as is being reported.”

Gomwe also said people were hell bent on tarnishing his image in a bid to kill his political career by dragging him into issues that have nothing to do with him.
However, Zanu PF sources said Gomwe has been abusing First Lady Grace Mugabe’s name in his dealings.

“Since Grace Mugabe joined mainstream politics some youths have been abusing her name in order to grab properties and even business ventures around the country,” said a source.

Another source alleged: “Recently Gomwe went to a gold mine in Mashonaland West where he tried to extort cash from the owners and also left some of his youths illegally mining, purporting to be representing the interests of the First Lady,” the source said.


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    Chikwembu 7 years ago

    Why is mugabe allowing the creation and sponsoring of hoodlums by his cronies is it the way how the country should by run in an arnarchial way as long as your own children are not being terrorised. That is how Boko Haram started as a group of hoodlums and now Nigeria is in such a mess. probably you are benefiting from the acts of hoodlums for creating a recruitment base for election period thugs.That is not the Zimbabwe we want mheni. Restore the rule of law. As long as lawlessness is not affecting the head of state and threatening his power base it is being left to reign. Cronies have teams of hoodlums to unleash at opponents or perceived opponents and they walk scot-free.