Zanu PF youths cause terror at Mliswa farm

via Zanu PF youths cause terror at Mliswa farm – DailyNews Live 4 May 2015

HARARE – As the nation is still trying to come to terms with the brutal xenophobic attacks in neighbouring South Africa that left at least seven people dead, back home Zanu PF yobs are allegedly attacking indiscriminately any person remotely linked to independent candidate Temba Mliswa — including his workers.

According to Mliswa — who will be slugging it out with Zanu PF — in the forthcoming by-elections scheduled for June 10, the youths early in the wee hours of Saturday rounded up Mliswa’s workers at his Spring Farm on the outskirts of Karoi and beat them up.

“My workers were beaten by farm invaders who accused them of spying on my behalf. I have tried to engage the police but they are not helpful. These youths, most of whom I know personally, have broken into my properties.

In his court application, Mliswa cited Nigel Murambiwa, Chinjayi Kambuzuma, Tapiwa Masenda, Silas Chimbiro as the four Zanu PF yobs leading the assault.

Business at Mliswa’s sprawling properties — that include a service station, a restaurant, a thriving farm and a lodge — has been brought to a halt as the boisterous youths vow to take it as a way of punishing the outspoken legislator, who dared challenge the deeply-divided ruling party as an independent candidate for Hurungwe West in the forthcoming by-elections.

“Tobacco at the farm is rotting because my workers are detained. The youths have set up bases there and now all the investment I made is going to waste because of the actions of these people,” said Mliswa.

Yesterday, Mliswa alleged that some top Zanu PF officials, keen on frustrating his march towards retaining the constituency he wrestled from the MDC, are behind the invasion.

He pointed to police inaction as a testimony to the well-orchestrated manoeuvre by the powers that be to cripple him financially.

“I have about 400 cattle that have been locked up and there are not going to the pastures. I have never seen such cruelty, even to animals,” said Mliswa.

Mliswa’s beaten up workers were denied access to medication and only late on Saturday the police turned up and took them to hospital.

According to Mliswa, the law enforcement agents did not raise a finger against those who had perpetrated the violence.

“This is what happens when you challenge the system, but I am resolute, I am standing up for the people of Hurungwe West,” said Mliswa.

Armed with huge tree logs, drums and singing war songs, the daring youths have barricaded  roads and on Saturday a couple renting the restaurant came face to face with the rowdy  gang.

Mary Chikoka said youths mobbed her as she drove her Mercedes Benz towards her home.

“They had logs and started hitting our car. When my husband tried to talk to them, they threatened him with death and assaulted him. Fearing for the worst, I drove towards the gang and we managed to make good our escape.”


  • comment-avatar
    Tiger Shona 7 years ago

    This Mliswa character has done much worse things when he invaded farms just after 2000. I feel rocks for him.
    “You will reap what you sew??”
    What does this Mliswa have between his ears?
    Was he stupid enough to think that what him and his pals did after 2000 was taking Zimbabwe to the promised land?
    Actions have consequences and what goes around comes around Mliswa!

  • comment-avatar
    Justice 7 years ago

    Well said Tiger he deserves everything he gets…”couldn’t happen to a nicer person!”

  • comment-avatar
    Tinomunamataishe 7 years ago

    Mliswa knows these people because he trained them to do what they are doing now. What he didn’t know is they would do it against him. At least let the cows go to the pastures.

  • comment-avatar

    “I have about 400 cattle that have been locked up and there are not going to the pastures. I have never seen such cruelty, even to animals,” said Mliswa.

    Kkkkkk: Temba nyara zvako; wamboti wadini!

    That’s zanu pf, which all sane people have complained about for decades. And for you Temba, it’s the “Frankenstein’s monster” that you worked so hard to prop up over decades. You are simply getting slight bit of your own medicine – nothing much compared to what most people have gone through during those days when you were one of the commanders-in-chief of those thugs you are clamouring about now.

    Yes, vashandi vako vari kushungurudzwa tinovahwira tsiti pamwe nemhuka nemhuka dziri kushungurudzwa. Asi kwete, iwe Temba, never! In fact, dai mathugs awaka trainer iwawo asiyana nevashandi nemhuka vananga iwewe mbune. Sure mhuri zhinji Zimbabwe dzingavata dzinobata kana rikafamba rokuti iwe watemwa temwa nezvimbwa zvako zvawaka dzidzisa kuruma vamhu. Kkkkkkkkkk

  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 7 years ago

    He who lives by the sword dies by the same sword, so no sympathy for Mliswa from my clan.